Your Proxy IP address is :

Every Network connected to the internet must have its unique IP address. Your IP address is unique to your network or computer. Are you curious to know what is my ip. The reason of using the IP address system is that it makes sure that every network that is on the internet does have its separate address because data have to be transferred to and from from the network.

The IP address which one have been assigned does reveal information about the user and this information can be used in various manners. For instance some websites while placing an online order will like to know whats your IP address so that they can match the billing address with your location. With the IP address the location of the user like city and area can be predicted with the help of Geolocation software. Some servers will only allow access to the people on their list and they can ask to know your ip address to grant the access.

Why Should I Know My Ip Address and be curious what is my IP Address?

When the source computer transmit data to the destination it sends it header with it which also contains it address. Some times the host can send the forged ip address in the packet it did sent which to the destination may appear that the packet came from a different source and this is called IP spoofing. A web host or website can limit your access to a certain web server or site by putting your IP address in Firewall blocking list or by denying website access by putting it in .htaccess file. Usually for home users have cable model or DSL internet connection the IP address remains the same. Current IP address can be checked using our what is my ip address service. Some times the IP address for DSL or Cable modems can change after a restart. If some body is hosting a website from their own computer they can get a dedicated IP address from their service providers which is usually available for a couple of dollars per month.