Hair transplant surgery side effects

Hair transplantation is a cosmetic surgical technique in which hair follicles from one part of the body (the donor site) are moved to balding parts (the recipients).  Often and most commonly Hair Plantation is used to treat male baldness, and also these grafts containing hair follicles are genetically resistant to balding are transplanted to bald scalp. The cost of Hair Transplantation varies from Country to Country. Also there are many hair transplant techniques and you must be taking advice from your doctor that which will be best for your particular case.

Generally hair transplant procedure is a safe procedure but still sometimes there can be complications from Hair Transplant Surgery.  So we can say that in a case of successful hair transplant surgery you might experience fairly minimum side effects yet they exist since surgery is involved . So we cannot rule out the difficulties and problems that arise as a result of Hair Transplant surgery. The side effects and complications of Hair Transplantation that usually occur can be treated with certain over the counter medications . Following are few well known side effects of Hair Plantation which are very common.

Headaches and Hair Transplantation:

Headaches are due to the tugging, manipulations that are done during  surgical Hair Transplant procedure done on scalp area. The headaches after Hair Transplant surgery that one feels after  will go away in few days as it is temporary and will decrease with time.

Scalp Bleeding and Hair Transplantation

There is a small amount of bleeding which will usually occur as hair transplantation procedure after effects. This bleeding is normal as long as its a very small amount of bleeding.

Scalp Numbness After Hair Transplantation Surgery

Numbness of Scalp after Transplantation is also normal and is nothing to be worried about. Also Scalp tenderness will most likely occur after the hair plantation procedure but will go in few weeks. The hair which were there before the surgery might also look thinner but this is also a normal observation after hair transplant surgery.

Swelling and Hair transplantation Surgery

Most people who will undergo hair transplantation procedure will develop swelling on their scalp around the forehead. Although the swelling of forehead and eye area is less common side effect of hair plantation but swelling usually occurs around the forehead and the eye area. This swelling will go away after 1-7 days. If you are seriously concerned about swelling and pain on your scalp and forehead you can ask your doctor to prescribe you medicine to control swelling after hair transplant surgery.

Discomfort and Headiness of Hair Transplants :

After undergoing Hair transplant surgery most of the people will experience a little discomfort and headiness which is also temporary condition that will be there for about a week but still if the discomfort due to the surgery are severe then you must ask your doctor for a prescription or suggestions.

Itchy scalp and Hair Transplantation

Itchy scalp after Hair Transplant is also pretty common. This problem is not an unusual cause and will appear in most of the cases however the patient should be very careful if his scalp starts itching as scratching is not good and can damage your scalp and bleeding could occur. It is there fore advisable to avoid from scratching after Hair Transplant as you can end up damaging your scalp and also you new transplanted hair.

Cysts and Hair Transplantation

After you Hair transplantation surgical procedure is over you must also be careful because you can develop Cysts. Cysts comes due to infection on the scalp where the new hair have been planted . The other reason can be  if the surrounding hair follicles in the person undergoing procedure have been damaged. The body can also react if the hair follicles planted have gone too deep underneath the skin.

Other than the effect mentioned here there might also be some other effect which you might notice and your doctor is the best person to judge as each case and person is different.