The different types of cancer immunotherapy for cancer treatment

Immunotherapy is a kind of cancer treatment that helps the immune system of the patients to fight or cure cancer . Recently many types of immunotherapy medicines have been approved for multiple types of cancer. Some times immunotherapy can work wonders and can cure a patient which was at the very end stage and was incurable with traditional chemo or radiotherapy.

Immunotherapy is a process in which the immune system of the cancer patients is stimulated so that it can work smarter and harder for attacking the cancer cells. Some times the immune system is recognizing the cancer but it is not able to wipe cancer off due to slow response. There are different types of cancer immunotherapy that is considered as a vital part of cancer treatment that works in different manner for boosting the immune system of the patients so that it does not get attacked by the cancer cells. Some times immunotherapic medicines take the brake of the immune system to ward of the disease.

Even with the most dangerous types of Cancers such as lung cancer the immunotherapy have shown that it can enhance the survival rate in patients. There are different cancer treatment approaches that are used for treating the diseases as each has distinct mechanism of action that has been especially designed for
boosting and restoring the immune function of the body in various ways for accomplishing the cancer treatment journey.

The different types of cancer immunotherapy help in treating a wide variety of cancers as these are promising approaches that has been approved by FDA and
some are being tested in the clinical trials.

Monoclonal antibodies Immunotherapy-

This is a kind of immunotherapy that involves the use of drugs that has been especially designed for binding to the specific targets in the body. These drugs eventually help in causing immune response for destroying the cancer cells which is done when the cancer cells are destroyed and it is also known as
targeted therapy.

Cytokines Immunotherapy-
This type of immunotherapy is one of the most effective cancer immunotherapy as it involve the use of proteins that are made by the cells of the body as it also helps in playing a vital role in the normal immune responses. This protein also enhances the ability to respond to the cancer of the immune system as the two most common types of cytokines includes interleukins and interferons which helps in treating cancer.

Adoptive Immunotherapy-

T cell transfer- it is an anti cancer approach that is responsible for enhancing the natural cancer fighting ability of T cells of the body which are accomplished when the immune system cells are removed. The immune system cells are then growth and undergo changes outside the body after which it is re-fused into the body of the patients. Another type of T cell therapay is CART. The treatment helps in reducing the immune cells so that the treatment will be effective in treating cancer within a short span of time.

Treatment vaccines- BCG

This type of immunotherapy for cancer is also known as Bacillus Calmette Guerin is considered as the most popular treatment vaccine that works against cancer as it boosts the response of the immune system to the cancer cells as it is a weakened form of bacteria that is known to cause tuberculosis. It is a kind of immunotherapy that is especially used for treating bladder cancer as it causes immune response against the cancer cells and it is being researched for being used for treatment of other types of cancer.