Making a PHP web site

PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. It is the most widely used server side script and its main advantage is that it is open source which will help people to get rid of other server side technologies which require a license and is not in the range of a common person. PHP is versatile and there are many scripts written in that like Market Directory

PHP is complied at the server side and the end person which is using is using a browser get the HTML and Java script which it can recognize. A PHP code is usually written like some HTML code and PHP code in between. So building a PHP site is quite easy and In order to write a PHP statement here is the example


If you want to comment any code in a PHP page than following is the thing you can do /*This is a comment block */ . In order to declare a PHP variable we have to following

things $var_name = value;
For string varibles here is the thing to do $txt=”Hello World”;

Here are a few functions of PHP

echo strlen(”Say some”);
This will give a result 8 because there are 8 chracters.

Major advantages of building a site in PHP is that the hosting you get for PHP is very wide spread and most of the programme libraries and software written in PHP are open source so it is usually very cheap . Other PHP Coding advantages are that PHP servers are usually fast and there is no licensing for each and every product you purchase or it.

So making a PHP site is usually beneficial even for bigger organizations unless they have a special requirement which cannot be fulfilled in PHP.

PHP is easy to learn and understand you can even learn in programming in PHP and PHP coding in few days even if you don’t know the object oriented programming. There are also some free editors available in market for free . On the other hand if you are planning to launch an ASP.NET site you need to hire a programmer for coding and to do development and have to spend thousands of dollars before the site is even launched and hundreds of dollars after that for maintainability. So programming a site in PHP and launching a site is easier.