Samsung Galaxy S6 Features

Samsung have released Samsung Galaxy S6 which offers a handful of features and is expected to become smart phone of choice for many new android users. The new Samsung Galaxy S6 a featured rich super phone with glossy and and glassy metal body and simply looks amazing at first glance. Galaxy s6 have a 5.1 inch screen which is of very high resolution and super bright for good visibility even in the sunlight and bright lights.

Another cool and new feature S6 offers is its finger print scanner to unlock the phone quickly. Wireless charging is also among the new features in S6 which have been added. This Galaxy S6 is a curvy and nice looking phone but this phone does not have a removable battery and even does not have a microSD slot.

Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with a 16 megapixel camera and also does have a flash light in order to take photo shots in dark environments so that the picture quality remains clear. All in all this phone is a must buy for people who are trying to shop for a new Android phone or want to upgrade to a new latest phone with new features.