Windows 10 Upgrade Is Free Even For Pirates

Windows 10 will be free announced Microsoft which came as a surprise to the industry as the Microsoft since its inception of its Operating system Windows have been charging fees for installing and using its operating system. Not only Microsoft is offering a free upgrade to its new operating system windows 10 to the people who have purchased it license but it is also offering a free to pirates(using a pirated copy of Windows).

Although this may have a dent in earning of Microsoft but its policy makers better know how will Microsoft earn its revenue. One of the reason for this drastic step can be that most of the notebooks are coming with free operating systems like Chromebook and others. Microsoft policy makers may have think that their operating system may lose market share if they keep on offering it for any price. Most of the people in world specially in third world countries like China, India, Pakistan and Indonesia use pirated copies of Windows operating systems. In some countries even 1 percent of the copies of Windows used are not original.

Another reason is that Microsoft may be switching its revenue model and also making its pirate users into legitimate users. As far as revenue is concerned Microsoft may shift its strategy to advertisement or hardware based model. People who use a pirated copy also are prone to get more malware as they do not get updates , patches and fixes from Microsoft. Microsoft Windows 10 is expected to come in the summer of 2015 and they users have to run an upgrade if they want to upgrade their operating system.

Another reason for giving free Windows 10 to users is that Microsoft policy and long term goal is to increase its user base and may offer some add on piece of software which users will have to purchase. Recently Microsoft have also announced that it will be discontinue its widely used browser (Internet Explorer). This browser was a part of Windows since last 15 years and this sudden discontinuation of IE in future windows releases also gives us clue that software giants are changing its policies. Also according to recent surveys the IE was losing to its rivalry like Google chrome and Firefox. Google Chrome is now the widely used web browser for desktop users and its user base is increasing .

Last year Microsoft make it free its operating systems for many devices using a smaller screen size as these devices were mostly low end devices. Also it makes its Windows free for some types of laptops recently and now its plan to offer its Windows 10 completely free will go a long way to determine the future of this company and its investors and is being viewed critically by other software vendors.