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Before you go finally to purchase a laptop to an online store or to a mall there are few things which must be kept in mind. This is important because laptop are usually expensive than regular desktop PCs and most of the time are not upgradable very easily. For instance you cannot change the laptop screen if at a later time you realize that the screen size is too small for you or its too big.

So here are some tips which may provide helpful for you and guide you before purchasing a notebook computer.

1. Make sure of you computing needs and purchase a notebook machine according to that. This means that if you will be playing games on your laptop than you should purchase a powerful laptop with a powerful graphics card , big ram and good crisp screen. If your tasks are disk oriented like you will transferring data to a fro than you must go with RAID disks or SSD (solid state disk) to make sure you get the speed.

2. Second and perhaps the most important thing is the budget or money you have to buy a laptop . This is very important because even if you have high end requirement but low end budget you will only end up window shopping so you must be very clear about the amount you want to spend on buying a notebook so that you can then see which hardware you can compromise and if there is any thing that you can compromise.

3. If you are a student or have worries that your notebook system does not degrade in value too much after a couple of year use it is recommended that you don’t purchase very latest models. Perhaps go for the hardware which is in market of which the latest version have been launched. With this approach you will end up getting buy much high end notebook but with about 50 percent of a price of a notebook which is very latest.

4. In buying a laptop as the portability comes also comes the need for a battery which can run at least a few hours. The more it runs the better you will feel because you don’t have to plug in your system again and again to charge it. However remember that in general principal high end processors consume more batteries and drain batteries quickly. Also the laptop screen is another culprit in draining battery power. LCD consumes less power than LED and can also produce good quality. Another thing you can do while your buying decision is that you can purchase a 9 cell battery because mostly notebook vendors like sony , dell, acer, lenovo will provide you with 6 cell batteries.

5. You must also see the operating system which is coming with the laptop by default. Importance of this is that usually the notebook system will run with that operating system at its best when it runs the same operating system it was designed for. Moreover you would get a pre installed operating system and don’t have to purchase the operating system separately.

6. Another important thing to consider is the vendor of your machine, because some companies customer services are very poor , some will take months to repair the laptop even if the system is under warranty. Also see that which country has a service center near your city in case you have to to go there physically to drop of your notebook. If you travel out of the country than make sure you purchase your laptop devices from a major vendor which has presence all across the world and give you international warranty so that you dont have to ship the machine all the way back to the country from which it was purchased.

7. The charger you are getting must also be compatible to all world standards and should support 220V and 110V in order that it works on most places.

8. Weight is another important thing which is taken into account while purchasing a portable machine because people usually don’t like to carry heavy items with them while then travel. So this must be made sure that you purchase a light and thing machine if you travel quite often to make your life easier.