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Verizon wireless is the largest cell phone provider in US. The ownership of Verizon is Verizon Communications (55 percent) and Vodafone (45 percent). Verizon network network is perhaps the most widely spread across America and coverage is very good as compared to small wireless providers.

Verizon phone company keeps on offering new packages and promotions for the purpose of attracting people and extending its clientele and therefore keeps on giving new offers and changing rates but the wireless calling rates that are mentioned here were in 2011 Jun . Verizon wireless has introduced many calling plans in order to cater markets and broad array of business and individual people and even families .

If you are in Individual Verizon plan then you will get Unlimited any time minutes in about 70$. This means that you are free to use your cell phone and never have to worry about minutes. This package is suitable for the individuals who have high usage of Verizon Cellular phones and don’t want themselves to be charged for any extra minutes and even don’t have to worry about their usage quota or any thing like that.

If your cell phone usage is limited then probably 450 minutes plans is a better choice for you. With this Verizon plan you will get 450 minutes . Also you will be charged 45 cents per minute if you go beyond your limit of 450 minutes per month. So if you are sure that you wouldn’t surpass 450 minutes go for this mobile phone plan. Then in the individual plan category there come a plan which have 900 minutes . Another specialty of this plan is that you can add your 5 friends and family members to whom if you dial your monthly minutes quota will not be used.

On this plan if you exceed you 900 minutes than you will be paying 40 cents for every extra minute you consumed. Within family plans you get 700 minutes for $70 and 1400 minutes for 90 dollars and 2000 minutes for 100 dollars. More over as this is a Verizon family package you would obvisously want more than one like . So for 5 lines you will have to pay 30 dollars extra and 4 lines for 20 dollars. 2 lines are included in this Verizon family plan.

Verizon also offers some cheap and attractive 3G Mobile Broadband Plans for its customers. With 20 dollars monthly access fees you will get 1 GB (giga byte) of data transfer allowance. With 35 GB your data transfer will become 3GB and with $80 it will be 10 GB. The $80 plan also supports 3G notebooks , mobile hotspots and tablet PCs which support 3G. For 4G Mobile Broadband Plans the system access fees is usually the same as 3G.

For smart phones Verizon offers a 2GB of data allowance with a monthly fees of $20. For 3G USB modems the monthly fees is $80 and the data transfer limit is 5 GB. 3GB tablet PCs for a monthly fees of 20$ you will get 1 GB of data transfer . For $80 Verizon will be giving you a limit of 10GB of data transfer.

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