Vision Problems In Diabetes Patients

In the beginning, diabetes may be characterized by insufficient production of insulin, but overtime, it can cause damage to other body organs and functions specially eye and vision problems. Diabetes is a very tough disease to deal with and it bring a lot of complications and problems. The primary effect of this eye problem condition is high blood sugar due to the inability of the body to control blood sugar levels. This effect is what eventually leads to other complications in different parts of the body. One such problem is the loss or deterioration of vision or eyesight. Read on for more information about diabetes and vision problems in eyes along with ways to control this critical condition.

Common Vision Problems Associated with Diabetes

Here are some of the eye conditions that are often linked to diabetes:

Fluctuating Vision

The most common vision problems caused by diabetes is vision fluctuation and if some body does experience this symptom then the fasting blood sugar test must be done to find out the root cause . People suffering from this eye condition may experience episodes of fluctuating shortsightedness or farsightedness. This can be as a result of random fluctuations in blood sugar levels which may change the shape of the eye lens. Most people who are diabetic will face fluctuating vision some time and they must be aware of the reason which is causing this to take appropriate actions.

Macular Edema In Diabetes Patients

This condition involves losing the ability to focus your vision on specific objects. This can be very annoying for the person undergoing this condition and the patient may feel helpless as no corrective lens will be able to correct this vision problem. This visual diffusion occurs when the sensitive tissues forming the retina macular center get swollen up. This swelling compresses and damages ocular blood vessels, leading to deterioration and loss of vision.

Diabetic Retinopathy Problem

Formation of leaks in small ocular blood vessels or vascular blockage of the retina can cause partial or complete obstruction of the eyesight depending on the severity of the condition. But provided the leakage or blockage does not interfere with the macula, it is difficult to notice any problem with your eyesight. This condition in its advanced state is called proliferative diabetic retinopathy where the damage extends to the large ocular blood vessels.

Other Vision Obstructing Conditions & Problems

Formation of obstructive vision conditions, like glaucoma (abnormal growths in the ocular regions), diplopia (double vision) and cataracts might also occur in diabetics over time. Frequent fluctuations of blood sugar levels is the major culprit behind all these conditions.

Treatment of Diabetes and Vision Problems

Nearly all these ocular problems can be avoided by going for regular eye tests once you have been diagnosed with this condition. If the tests reveal any problem, take corrective measures immediately. Treatment of vision problems, such as low vision and vision fluctuations, often include prescription of corrective eyeglasses to patients. Other eye conditions, like cataracts, macular edema, diabetic retinopathy, etc. can be treated by laser surgical procedure. Sticking to your prescribed diabetes medications will help regulate the blood sugar levels, thereby significantly preventing diabetes-related vision problems from taking place.

Apart from medical treatments, diet and exercise plays an important role in managing diabetes and the problems that come due to this disease like these vision and eye related problems and issues. Following a low carb, sugar-free and fat-free diabetes diet is very important as any dietary omissions may lead to severe health conditions. You also need to stick to a regular exercise regimen to keep your blood sugar levels in check. Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking to avoid diabetes and eye problems due to it as they may aggravate this condition.

Remember early detection is the key to treating and preventing these conditions. Seek medical attention immediately if you experience any kind of vision problem.