Major Must See things to do in Stockholm

Stockholm is a beautiful city that offers tourists and travelers with great attraction sites. Although there are many things to do for a tourist in Stockholm but some are must see attractions and cannot be missed on a visit to Stockholm . These must visit places include Royal Palace, Vasa Museum and the Boar sightseeing Tours in Stockholm. The capital city of Sweden, many are often amazed by the various sites of attractions in the city. Below are the major attractions sites in Stockholm that a tourist should put in to do list that are worth a tour.

Below are Things to do in Stockholm , Sweden

The Royal palace Stockholm- The palace is one of the largest palaces in Europe. It houses Sweden’s king and has over 600 rooms. The Royal palace in Stockholm is a great site to visit and is open for public view. With over five museums, the palace has marvelous interiors from the 18th and 19th centuries. There you will be able to see Queen Kristina’s silver throne in the hall of state and the halls of the orders of chivalry. You will also be amazed by the royal Armory which contains loyal costumes and armor. Make sure not to miss the change of guard that takes place on Royal Palace. The royal guard which is part of the country’s armed forces consists of about 30,000 guards who changes guards in front of the king’s palace. The guards changing event at Royal Palace is an interesting 40 minute event that will be worth your time. The event takes place in various times of the month and you could inquire to choose the month that will suit you.

The Vasa Museum-This is another great site to visit in Stockholm. Officially opened in 1990, the museum is the most famous museum in Sweden with one million visitors per year. It’s located in the Djurgarden Island. In the museum you will be able to see various awesome artifacts and exhibitions. There is also the Vasa ship in this Stockholm museum which will leave you mesmerized. The ship was a warship that sank immediately after sailing due to flaws but was later retrieved more than 3 centuries afterwards and is the only preserved ship of the 17th century in the world. Other interesting things that make the Vasa Museum worth visiting are guided tours that are offered in various languages, films and restaurants where you can enjoy great Swedish cuisine as you relax. A tourist must inquire the hours of Vasa Museum in Stockholm before going there because its hours vary by season. The museum can be reached by bus or ship or you can drive there and enjoy the free parking.

Stockholm Djurgarden Walking Tour-Translated as Game Park in English, Djurgarden is an island in the middle of the city with beautiful green places, events, sights, parks and great tourist attractions. The island is a calm haven which has always been Royal since the 19th century and is really worth visiting for a tourist to Stockholm. The garden provides tourists and travelers fine places to take a stroll. The island also contains some the city of Stockholm’s popular museums. After sightseeing and having a fun filled day in the city the tourists can relax at the many cafes and restaurants and enjoy your favorite meal and drink as you enjoy the islands cool atmosphere.

Boat Sightseeing Stockholm-Depending on your interests there are various Boating tours In Stockholm tourist could choose from. Boat sightseeing is an interesting tour that is a must for any traveler or tourist who wants to enjoy Stockholm from the water. Tours that you could choose from include the early good morning tour and the royal canal tour. The early good morning tour takes about 50 minutes to two and a half hours and focuses on central Stockholm. It’s provided in English and Swedish only. But there are other many tours that are provided in other languages other than English and Swedish. This boating tour is also a must thing to do for a tourist to Stockholm.  A flexible way to view Stockholm in water is the hop on hop off which is available for a number of different trips. There is also the Archipelago Race which is a speed boat visit to Archipelago a famous site which contains over 30 000 islands. The boat trip can take only two hours and you get to see the whole of Archipelago and its famous islands.

There are various sites that you could visit in the amazing city of Sweden, some of them the best in the world. Depending on your interests and preferences a visitor to Sweden, Stockholm won’t be disappointed if you visit the above sites. Not only will you immensely enjoy yourself and enjoy major attractions in Stockholm but you will get to learn the Swedish culture and enjoy great cuisine available in the local restaurants. There are great hotels in the city of Stockholm where you could stay as you enjoy your vacation. Visit the city and see some of the world’s famous artifacts as well as sites that are unique to the country. Especially in summer a tourist can enjoy yourself without worrying about the weather as it is favorable most of the time.