iiNet Australia Internet and Broad Band Plans

iiNet Australia which claims to be the second largest broadband internet services provider offers many internet and broadband plans to its customers. The plans iiNet offer to its customer are Broadband(Fast ADSL internet) , Naked DSL(Broadband with no line rental) , NBN (National broadband Network), Mobile Broadband, Fiber to the Home Plan, TransACT Plans (High speed internet in ACT), Dialup Internet and internet through Wifi Hotspots which is also called internet access on the go.

Here we are explaining different plans and packages for high speed internet that are being offered by iiNet to Australians. The iiNet broadband plans we are discussing below are mostly suitable for homes and individuals. iiNET offers different plans for business and more information about their plans can be checked on their website.

iiNET ADSL Broadband Plans

This plan comes with the internet usage quota of 20 Gigabyte any time. This 20GB includes download quota and the upload quota. For more bandwidth intensive customers their is another ADSL broadband plan named as Home-2 and this plan would offer 200GB of download and uploads per month and the price would be 49.95 Australian Dollars. Similarly Home-3 ADSL Broadband internet package from IINET have a 400 GB and Home-4 has 100O GB bandwidth usage quota and the prices are respectively 69.95 and 99.95 dollars. While choosing to get ADSL broadband service you also have to order phone or netphone from iiNet and make it a bundle however if you do not want a phone line for your internet then you better go with Naked DSL plans details of which are listed below.

IINET Naked DSL Plans

Many people have cellular phones these days and they no longer need home phone lines but still need the internet connection. iiNET offer Naked DSL plans to these customers where they can just opt for the internet plans being offered. There are three types of plans that are offered for customer of Naked DSL by iinet and the plans are Naked Home-1 which gives you 100 GB of bandwidth usage quota per month in just 69.95 dollars while the other broadband plans in this category are Naked Home-2 and 3 will offer 400GB and 600 GB of monthly internet usage allowance in just 89.95 and 119.95 dollars respectively. The best thing about all iiNet Internet plans is that all of them come with complimentary email and spam protection and 24 hours customers service support. Customers must however keep in mind that there is a 150 dollar setup fees being charged by iiNet while you initially setup your plan but if you decide a 24 month contract then this fees will be reduced to $79.95. iiTalk is another service which is a VOIP service by iiNet and this service is also available to Naked DSL customers which enable them to call at very cheap rates to USA, Canada, UK and rest of the world. If any time you go beyond your allocated broadband quota you can purchase additional data packs from iinet for a price of 10 dollars for 5GB of extra bandwidth usage. More data packs are also available.

iiNet NBN Broadband Internet Plans

IINET has partnered with NBNCo and this will enable the company to provide internet services at a blazing fast speed in Megabits per second. iiNET offers its Fiber Plans at different rates than its usual broadband ADSL plans. The customers are connected by Fiber Optic network of iiNET. Although NBN network is not available in all over the country but it still available in most bigger metros of Australia and the people who are far from major cities are offered access to this network by Satellite and Wireless. The Cost of NBN-1 Plan is 49.95 per month. This is the most basic NBN fiber optic broadband internet plan and the total download allowance is 40 GB which includes 20 GB in peak time and 20 GB off peak time. With this NBN-1 plan your download speed would be 12Mbs and upload speeds would be 1 Mbps. To upgrade your speed you have the options like 25/5, 50/20 and 100/40 downloading speed/uploading speed and the rates would vary accordingly. There is another plan called NBN-2 which includes 200 GB total monthly allowance on internet usage allowing you 100 GB in peak time and 100 GB off peak time . Again you have the options to add speed turbo pack as in NBN-1 which will increase or decrease your downloads and uploads speed. The peak time of all NBN plans are from 8am to 2 am and off-peak time is 2am to 8 am.

IINET Mobile Broadband Plans

Mobile broadband is basically internet on the go . With iinet mobile broad band service you can enjoy 3g Coverage and can enjoy your internet from any where by just plugging in your USB Modem to your Laptop. There are many price structures for iiNET mobile broadband users . Price is different if your purchase this service as a bundle of without bundle but if you only want this Mobile Internet service from iiNET then the unbundled price would be 19.95 dollar for total 4GB data and 29.95 dollars from 8GB of data including peak and off peak timings. The peak time for mobile broadband packages is different from other services and iinet mobile broadband Peak time is 07:00am – midnight AEST/AEDST and the Off-Peak time is midnight – 07:00am AEST/AEDST. This is daily and includes the Weekends.

Besides the plans which have been mentioned above IINET australia also offers TransACT Plans, Dialup internet plans and plans for Wifi Hotspots.