Blogs have become a very popular medium for individual user and people and even corporates to be in continuous contact with their friends and customers. The basic concept of a blog is like a personal diary where you would write your entries. You can keep it private and public too. Most of the blogs will also have option that the visitors have the option to comment on your posts or articles. So in this sense it is a very interesting thing and sort of interactive website where you can update your site visitors over the time so that they keep on coming back for fresh content unlike regular websites. offers Blog counter and Counter code for Blog so that the website or blog owners can embed that code in their website to keep track of their visitors. Blog owners can put this web hit counter or blogger counter on their website to keep track of visitors. The advantage is that you do not need any sort of sign up. You just paste this code in your blog and you are ready to go. This is true for almost all type of blog platforms for example for Wordpress Blogs you can edit you footer file and embed our code and the counter will start appearing under your page. This wordpress counter will start working immediately as you put the code in your page.

There are almost blogs on every fields now a days and many people who are expert in different domains of life on operate these blogs. Our traffic counter or stat counter can be put on every sort of blog and you are ready to go immediately. There are many styles in which our fancy counters are available in and you have many designs to choose from as you wordpress counter, counter blogspot or any other type of Blog. The web counters are free to use and Blog Counter code have to be put on your site on the page you want this counter to be working on.

So after all this effort of making a Blog the next step is Marketing your blog and for this purpose you can contribute on Social networks more actively and submit you blog to some old directories like DMOZ and also to the newly established directories like Sites Directory and Business Directory to name just a couple. There is a huge big list of them which can be found on internet. After all this effort and hard work the final step is to put a counter to keep track and Stats of Visitors to measure your success. All the blogs keep on updating and obviously all the owners of blog definitely want to keep a track on the number of visitors that are visiting their website. So they can track unique visitors and total visitors as there are both of the types available for our traffic hit counters. Blogs some times are further divided into categories for example a Blog that will just have videos can be called vlog. The blog that will just have photos can be called photolog but in broad terms they will all be called weblogs or Blogs.