Reasons and causes for high blood pressure

Blood pressure Definition
Blood pressure can be defined as the pressure of blood which blood exerts on the walls of the arteries as blood circulates through the body. Blood pressure is highest near the heart as heart is the pump of blood and  as blood leaves the heart through the aorta the blood pressure is more and gradually blood pressure decreases as it enters smaller and smaller and smaller blood. High Blood pressure is also known as Silent Killer because of it no symptoms. The reason that high blood pressure is called the Silent killer is that there are no initial symptoms and prolonged high blood pressure will lead to long term disease and complications.

Although there is no identifiable cause for essential high blood pressure, there is strong evidence which links some risk factors to the likelihood of developing the condition like hypertension commonly known as high blood pressure.  Most of the causes below are essential high blood pressure risk factors. There are also a couple of secondary high blood pressure causes like kidney disease. High Blood pressure can also lead to many other illnesses and permanent health issues like thyroidal and adrenal problem because of the effect high blood pressure could have a effect on these glands. Sometime if a person is using some specific drug secondary blood pressure is the problem. However there is long list of causes/reasons which is a possible cause of the high Blood Pressure. Once a person recognizes that he has hypertension he thinks that what can be the cause of High Blood pressure. There are other questions that come into the mind like Can high blood pressure cause headachesCan stress cause high blood pressurewhat are the signs and symptoms of high blood pressure?  so below we are covering some of the most common reasons for high blood pressure.
Age and High Blood pressure:

The older you get the more you are at a risk of getting higher blood pressure. There are many reasons for this and one of them is the less elasticity of you’re your blood transmission veins and nerves.

Obesity and high blood pressure :

Obesity has a direct impact on making your blood pressure high. Not only obesity is important but the manner in which body accumulates extra fat is important. Like some people extra fat around their belly while other store fat around their hips and thighs. People with more belly fat tend to have greater risk for having high blood pressure as compared to the people with fat on hips and thigs. If you are overweight that means you are at higher risk of high blood pressure. Obese people are at a very high risk of getting high blood pressure problem because as the  weight increases, the blood pressure rises. The higher you BMI is the more risk you have for hypertension.
Salt Intake and high blood pressure:
Some people have high sensitivity to salt and their blood pressure increases with salt after using it. Salt has such a direct relationship with high blood pressure that if somebody is having a low blood pressure he is recommended of taking more salt.  Reducing salt intake to lower blood pressure is thus suggested . Fast foods and junk food contain particularly high amount of sodium salt and therefore would make your blood pressure high due to their high salty content to make the food tasty.

Alcohol Use and high blood pressure

In the people who consume alcohol there is more risk of developing high blood pressure. Even if you consume alcohol in moderate quantities your risk of elevated blood pressure is more than a person who does not alcohol at all.

Family history and blood pressure problem:

One must be Particularly concerned if you have close family members with hypertension or high blood pressure because if it is true than your chances of developing high blood pressure are significantly higher. This means that you inherited elevated problem and the problem will expose itself once you give the problem favorable conditions.
Lack of Exercise/Lack of physical activity and High Blood pressure problem
It has been observed that a sedentary lifestyle contribute to obesity and therefore high blood pressure. Exercise is the single most important thing lack of which would create more and more problems with your health. So the more physically active you are the less is the chance you will be caught up in any health related problem like high blood pressure or hypertension. Your heart is a muscle and it will get stronger the more you exercise so it will work better if you do exercise on regular basis and exercise will thus help you controlling high blood pressure.
Smoking and high blood pressure
The reason that smoking causes high blood pressure is that smoking causes the blood vessels to become narrow resulting in higher blood pressure. Also smoking reduces the blood’s oxygen content so the heart has pump faster in order to compensate , causing blood pressure rise.

High fat diet and Hypertension

In the past doctors used to say that a diet high in fat would definitely lead to a high blood pressure. But now they know that the problem lies in the types of fats you consume . Omega 3 fats are good for high blood pressure. Plant based Omega 3 oils are good for your health and Omega 3 oil rich foods must be taken regularly to keep your arteries from clogging up. Saturated fats which are common in animal sourced foods, as well as trans fats are bad for you.
Mental stress and Blood pressure relationship

It have been published in various journals the outcomes of various studies which have clearly proved that mental stress the one especially for a long period of time has a serious impact on blood pressure and could lead to high blood pressure. People who are unable to manage stress properly become blood pressure easy victim and have a great risk of hypertension.
Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Hypertension

Diabetic  people are at a higher risk of developing hypertension. In high blood pressure patients Insulin therapy reduces the long term risk of developing hypertension. People with diabetes type 2 are at high risk of hypertension due to the reason they have high sugar levels in their blood stream which can combine with other factors to make the risk of hypertension many fold.

Pregnancy and elevated Blood pressure

Pregnant women have a higher risk of developing hypertension than women who are not pregnant. Elevated blood pressure is a common medical problem encountered during pregnancy, complicating 2% to 3% of all pregnancies.  If blood pressure is shooting up and cannot be controlled than in most of such cases Caesarean operations are advised to control the situation. The reason that high blood pressure is such a big problem in pregnancy because pregnant ladies cannot take too much medicines.
Birth control Pills and Hypertension
Some females are prone to high blood pressure if they use birth control pills. Since birth control pills contain estrogen capable of constricting arteries. Physicians then advise to stop these medicines and advise some one another to counter the situation.