Content Management System is a system which are sort of ready made systems to be integrated into your site. For example if your website is using Drupal as a content management system then you only need to install it on your server end , configure it , choose a template and you are ready to go. You can find thousands of free templates out there for each of the popular Content Management systems. The advantages of using web content management software are many and we would try to go through them here. First and main advantage is the cost factor. There is only a one time cost when you website is deployed. After your site is deployed you will be provided with a control panel where you can create new pages and update the content and create new paragraph or content, change pictures , insert pictures and do all sort of different things imaginable. Yes you are in full control and you dont need a programmer and request him to do even small modifications and this would save you big cost specially if you are a small organization and need updates too frequently. Other advantage on using web content management software is that you can use various templates and with one click of mouse you can change entire look and feel of your corporate website to give a entirely different look and feel of your website. For an example you can make few template of your website for different events like Christmis, Hallowen etc

Few Enterprise content management system are Drupal, Joomla, Textpattern and others. There is a huge variety of CMS systems for different platforms like ASP CMS, PHP CMS, JSP CMS. Content management systems are also called web content management software. There is no specific answer to the question that which CMS is the best for you. All depends upon your needs and platform environment like Windows hosting, Linux hosting, JSP hosting etc.
So now comes the disadvantages of using content management tools and systems. The main disadvantage is that with all of the Content management systems the new version keep on coming all the time. Also the hackers find out ways to exploit the popular content management systems. So you have to keep on updating at least once in 6 months if you want to keep safe. If you don’t upgrade you site can be hacked as the hackers can find vulnerabilities in Content management systems and can exploit those and then hack. Other disadvantage of using Content management systems is that you need to have a very strong server if you are using it. This is because all the pages extract data at run time from databases and if your database server is not strong your website will be too slow and sometimes can take too long time to load. This is a very major drawback of using Content management system. Also Content Management system infrastructure after installation creates a lots of tables for infrastructure install.

However some Content management systems however avoid this problem by caching pages. This prevents data to be loaded every time a page is loaded. You can set the time after which the data is refreshed. PHP have many open source content management system and code is freely available and customizable and the servers are usually very cheap so this hosting is quite cheap and this is the major reason PHP CMS are more popular and best CMS.