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How to lose weight fast

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Although doctors say that as much as 20 pounds of weight in a week can be lose by following a very strict and tough exercise plan, adapting to rigorous exercise plan more than seven hours a week still manageable. However the perfect and safest way can be adopted at home too and you do not have to go to boot camp or fitness classes or hire trainers you can safely and confidently lose 3 or more pounds of your undesirable fat and weight a week at home with a healthy diet and lots of exercise combination if you know ways to lose weight fast. You must know the tips on how to lose weight fast. Not only you will lose weight fast but also you will lose fat in a safe manner without avoiding harmful effects.

However, losing excess weight and burning of fat is a simple mathematics sort of thing and what you need to do to lose weight is that you need to burn more calories than you eat. Weight reduction experts and dieticians generally agree that by creating a deficit of about 500 calories each day through any means like combination of eating less or few calories and increase the level of physical activity or by excess exercise alone or by diet alone. So with this after 1 week you will find out that you are 1-2 pounds lighter than you were and your fat has melted away. The combination of diet and weight at the same time is the most effective and most healthy method of losing weight and burning of excess fats.

Teenage girls and teenage boys are much sensitive to obesity or excess weight problem as their class mates some times make fun of them so they try crash diet which can harm their growth as they abruptly stop eating, so avoid crash diet and complete fasting as its not going to work and no way in this world is the easiest way to lose weight fast or in one day or week. You have to give some time to your body to melt its fat and mean while work hard and be cautious about your diet in order to lose weight quickly. Slow in a healthy weight loss program the chance of fat coming back is grim as compared to losing weight too fast. So if you ask an expert on how 2 lose weight fast and without comprising your health his answer will be that do it slowly and allow some time. So this is a no. 1 tip for losing weight. Then they will tell you diet to lose weight and other cautions you have to adopt while you are following their diet plans.

If you want to lose weight faster, you will need to eat less and exercise more. So a more realistic diet plan and weight loss plan can be that you take about 1100 calories each day. If you will go beyond this it might cause health concerns so this much calories are safest for losing fat. With this type of low calorie diet you have to exercise vigorously one hour each day to lost around 3-5 pounds per week. You can also get some special chocolate like things in grocery store which claim to lose weight. The only thing they can do is that they can make you feel fuller and as result you will end up eating lesser than you normally do.

Almost with all slim fast and weight loss programs calories count is the most important thing your dietician consultant will emphasize because it is very easy to eat calories but very easy to shed weight away. So to lose weight fast Experts dieticians will most often recommend cutting back to a daily level of 7 calories per pound of your current body weight but you must not beyond 1,050 calories

Also the diet recommended is the slimming diet that minimizes starches intake and and even healthy whole grains like in breads intake should be controlled in your diet while you are on the program. . Generally for rapid weight loss, dieters should eat mainly fruits which have minor sugar quantities, veggies, egg whites, soy products, skinless poultry breasts, fish, shellfish, nonfat dairy foods, and 95% lean meat which is most of the time white meat like poultry meat or turkey. Others thing to avoid are fat , butter, cheese , nuts and beef. This is because cheese has fat in abandon, nuts contains oil and beef have fat attached to it.

There are several ways to reduce weight. One is crash diet . This method has its flaws as you are at more risk of putting weight again because while you starved during dieting you will also loose muscle mass which will affect your metabolism rate. Few other experts recommended tactics including drinking lots of water, eating plenty of protein. Eating a lot of protein will help you to keep your muscle intact with no muscle loss and would make sure that you don not put on your weight again after you again return to your normal life style again.

So most dieticians will tell you to Eat enough protein and regularly after short intervals during all over the day. Vegetable is another important point they will tell you to eat more and more as you digestive system has to work hard to extract useful things out of vegetables and this process of digestion will itself burn calories. Also keep yourself well hydrated all over the time to avoid any stroke during exercise. So these were some helpful tips on reducing or losing your weight fast. You will start feeling a different in weight within one week if you keep yourself upto this task so you can call it a quick slimming plan.

The other aspect of eating vegetable is that Eat excess of low calorie green vegetables to help you feel full and thus eating less than you normally would. Other points to note are to drink plenty and lots of water so you will not confuse hunger with thirst.

Some more things your can do to lose weight quickly are as below

Clear your refrigerator and your house of tempting and fatty foods. Be caution while you are at grocery store. Avoid putting chocolates and ice creams in home fridge. If you are used to drink coffee than take it without sugar. Stop drinking sodas as this is the worst enemy of your diet plan.

Stay busy all of the time to prevent eating out of boredom. This is the most common habit and problem in obese people that they eat to keep busy . When they do not have any thing to do they eat thinking eating as a job. Never skip your break fast. Breakfast will kick your metabolism system and you will be charged for whole of day and your system will consume abundant calories.

Even if you are currently exercising you must increase duration and intensity and should try that your exercise should use more major muscles. This would make sure that your muscles will grow and will keep on taking food from your system even while you are sleeping. Losing weight requires close to an hour or even more each day of moderate to intense exercise. Swimming is another good exercise which involves major muscles without putting stress on joints.
To burn the fat fastest try to break a sweat after your warmup and try doing exercise in hot weather and keep sweating for the entire hour. Keep in mind that in hot weather you burn more calories as you body secretes sweat and oil and works hard to keep your body at a cooler temperature.
Everyone can do an hour each but keep in mind that the intensity of your workout and excersive will depend on your current state of fitness, so be healthy and be fit. Fitness experts recommend gradually increasing exercise intensity to avoid injury and muscle cramps.

If you are tired after doing cardio then start on strength exercises. do some strength training at least twice weekly, working all your major muscle groups and fitting in at least or more than15,000 steps daily basis.It is also suggested to double up on your exercise routine while your are on a mission to burn your fast. Do a morning and evening workout. Avoid eating before you sleep to avoid your body convert that food into cells.

Most of the people these days do not have the time to do the rigorous amount of exercise required to lose weight quickly and that is the reason they turn to fad diets. Stay clear of programs that promote use of pills for making your slim and smart. Avoid laxatives, excessive  fasting, and any that promise weight loss faster than 2-3 pounds per week. Because if you will reduce weight so fast it may be harmful to you

As when you eat too few calories you lose fat but also precious good muscle which is probably worst thing you could do to your self because you will feel weak and  it slows your metabolism and makes it more difficult to increase exercise intensity or duration because you will feel weak.

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