Acer laptops

Acer is a multinational computer and electronics making company and it makes and manufactures Notebooks, PCS, Servers, Monitors and other computer related things. Acer started from Taiwan but it is now a multinational organization have offices in almost all continents. Acer are amongst leading Laptops manufacturers and its notebooks and laptops are gaining popularity due to their versatile qualities like light weights, small size, travel friendly qualities and fast and reliable hardware of which gamers are in desperate need any time. Acer laptops are of very good quality and the company keeps on introducing new models all the time. As a consumer one have to make sure that he is purchasing the latest laptop. Other laptop qualities varies according to you need like if you are a frequent traveler you might be interested in a notebook which is light weight and handy and has got very good battery life. Also if you travel to other continents like Europe you have to make sure that you charger also runs on 220 Voltage and also on 110 Volts.
Acer laptops are amongst the most lightwave laptops in the laptop selection. So if you think laptop the Acer brand immediately comes in mind. If you are a curious and frequent gamer then you must go with a high and expensive configuration laptop which obviously have lots and tons of latest RAM and a latest processor with a very good VGA card to support demanding game graphics. So if you think of small laptop, new laptop and light weight laptop and smallest laptop then definitely go for Acer Laptops.

If you are a normal person using laptop from your home and some times for your office Acer have following options for you Tablet PC series, Acer Aspire series, Acer Aspire Timeline series,
, Acer Aspire Gemstone series, Acer Ferrari series etc . If you beleive that time is money or have good a good budget for laptop and use it for business and development then go for these series Acer TravelMate series, Acer Extensa series.

If you are planning to purchase your laptop from Acer Website then we suggest you to look for a coupon. Acer also have slightly different websites for different countries so make sure you go to the Acer specific website of your country. You will have the option to sort out the laptops like from display sizez etc. The most common display size Acer Laptops offers are Screen Size 15.6, 15.4, 14 , 17, 17.3, 12.1, 13.3, 11.6, 18.4. These all sizes are in inches when you measure your screen diagonally. The most common hard disk sizes Acer Laptops offer are HDD 320 GB, 250 GB, 500 GB, 160 GB 400 GB, 640 GB. Choose hard drive size according to your budget. We recommend that you choose a fast hard disk with your new laptops because this will result in a good performance specially for disk oriented tasks like installing new programs and other tasks. For the processor the major choices are Core 2 Duo, Pentium, Athlon X2, Turion II , Core i3, Core i7, Core 2 Solo, Turion 64 X2, Athlon II, Core i5, Turion X2 and others. As processor is one of the main component of your computer and main processing is done in it so make sure to select a good processor specially for Acer Gaming Laptops and notebooks.

There is also a AcerTravelMate series which is made specifically for the people who travel a lot . This has small screen or display and battery runs as long as 10 hours in some models and some battery types. This can give you flexibility while you travel and you would not need to charge your laptop as often.

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Some Acer laptops are there only for specific markets so that might be the reason for different sites for different countries. Some time there is a different in price between laptop price between countries between different countries but still you have to order through your own country site as there is a difference in duties and taxes of each country and if you order through your local site for Acer Laptops your transaction will be hassle free.