Portable hard Drives are becoming popular as most Computers now have ports and USB connections in them. Other advantage of External hard drives is that the computers and laptops have a chance of losing data all the time and also theft is very common as far as laptop is concerned. People there fore keep backups of their data now on their external hard disks.

Specially the big hard drives 500gb external hard drive is also very beneficial as you can take backup of your whole computer so that in case of emergency the computer can be restored. Also 1tb hard disks are also very common as the back ups of huge servers are taken.

Main companies that manufacture external hard disks are Western Digital, Seagate etc. The seagate external drive also comes in various sizes and rpm (revolutions per minute) . Now hard disks comes mostly with 7200 rpm which are quite fasts. Also it comes in 5400 rpm . Usually external hard drives uses external power source and connect to pc with USB.

Main advantage of external hard disk is the portablity of this drive. You can take it any where with you or you can store the costly data and keep hard disk on the safe place. Most of the external hard disks comes with security software where you can secure you data and then this data is only accessible after entering user name and password.

External hard disks can be bought from all the web stores like amazon, buy.com and others. If you want to purchase it physically you can go to your local store. Also Iomega Prestige 1 TB USB 2.0

Desktop external hard drive proved very good solution for big corporates and users. Also the external hard disks comes in various designs and shapes to make them more appealing and good looking. The 1 TB model is a great product concept and chances are your unit will work fine.

External hard drives are ideal for backing up your hard drive or storing from your main hard drive. Amongst other drawbacks to using external hard drives for backups is that they are still relatively new and expensive for home computer use and because of this reason there are some times no drivers with Windows and you have to install the driver form the CDs provided. One major thing that have been a exceptional feature of external hard drive is that they are free fall sensor and most of the time data does not get corrupted when the drives falls accidentally. Also with the passage of time the size of portable hard drives is decreasing and may be one day we might see a 500GB portable with the size of a USB drive

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