How to get rid of flat feet
Flat feet is a condition which is also known as fallen arches. If a person has a flat feet his feet soles will be coming in contact with ground. Feet feet is a very common condition and about 20 percent to about 30 percent of the people do not have normal arches. Some times flat feet can be cures with few remedies and cures but In most of the people the flat feet condition is on both of their feet while on other foot arch is undeveloped in just one foot. In minor cases Flat feet condition can just be resolve by wearing flat feet shoes but in some other cases more more steps are needed like orthotics for flat feet. If you children have flat foot than you can ask them to wear orthotics children shoes.
A person can have flat feet from his birth or can get into flat feet problem as he grows older. However if you are amongst the people who was not born with a flat feet and if your feet became flat in later part of your life than there is a possibility that you have got this position due to your life style like having wrong sitting positions or wrong sleeping positions or you are wearing a pair of shoes which have caused this flat feet problem.

Treatment of flat feet :

Some of the remedies and cures are mentioned below which you can use for the treatment of your flat feet

Flat feet Proper Footwear :

Wear a pair of shoes that provides stability on your feet, especially on the arches. Usually Motion control shoes for flat feet are worn by people who have flat feet and who love running. This will help in Making sure that the shoes the person with flat feet are wearing have been designed so that they can absorb the impact your feet while they run or walk.
You can find special shoes shops in malls or hospitals that sell orthotics shoes. They will make customized shoes for you. If your kids have flat feet you can tell them to wear orthotics children shoes. Orthopedic shoes for adults are also available on the market, but the problem is that they cannot be worn by all adults with flat feet. One shoe is not suitable for all conditions. If no pair of orthopedic shoes in regular store seems to fit you then the only option you are left with is the custom made orthotics shoes just for you.

Flat Feet Custom Orthotics: Custom orthotics are designed to help support the arches of your feet and for helping out in other feet conditions like neuromas, heel spurs, neck, back, knee and foot pain. The physician of a flat foot person will take measurements of your feet for the purpose of calculation of the shape and size of custom orthotics to suite you. With custom orthotics shoes you can wear casual and dress shoes without having you any feeling any pain at all. Also kids can wear orthotics children shoes

Flat Feet Surgery :

The last resort for this flat feet problem is surgery. If the problem is so critical and if your feet are not responding to therapies and you are in pain, then surgery is the option for you. Surgery can correct the problem of arches of your feet does not matter if your flat feet are from birth of after any accident. Since all people cannot the complications of surgery specially people with diabetes are very slow to recover. Surgery will help to improve and stabilize the function and support of your feet. You can consult with your doctor who will be telling you if you need your flat feet surgery or not. He can decide the type of foot surgery you have to go through, that may depend on the severity of the case and you will be suggested surgery if the problem is critical. As already mentioned above that surgery is the last resort you should first try all the other possible and more treatments before your foot surgery.
Adult Acquired Flat Foot Treatment:

Acquired flat feet are transformed over the time with long time misuse of feet by you or wearing very wrong shoes. So therefore important thing is to remember that one must always wear a well fitted and good quality pair of shoes as it can cure the problem of flat feet. Never wear a pair of shoes which are pinching you or which are very loose. This condition can also be prevented by wearing custom or over the counter arch supports. Physical therapy and orthotic devices are also required to overcome this kind of problem . Flat foot should be taken very seriously and flat feet remedies should be applied because it can worse over time.
Some people will get flat foot through a condition called posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. If you acquire flat feet you must talk to your doctor so that he can send you to a feet specialist.
Some more information for your Feet :
The most important thing to remember about flat feet problem is that your flat feet will only become a problem if they become very rigid or very much flexible. In the case of feet rigidity specially in kids their feet will not change shape with bearing your body weight. When your feet are more flexible than they should be then your ankles and feet will be rolling in too far and your arches disappear and this is because of too much rotational movement room of the feet. It is then important to realize and understand that since your feet are among the most overused parts of your body they should be properly cared.