For the owners of Laptops it is always a constant headache that sooner of later the battery of their notebook is going to die and will keep on deteriorating. It happens actually that with the passage of time the battery life decreases and you get to a point where your laptop will need to be plugged in all the time in order to keep it running. At that point the battery will not be able to withhold the charge even for a minute. Here we would give you few tips and hints about extending life of your notebook. Here are the things you can do to extend or increase the lifespan of your laptop computer.

A. Never Charge your notebook battery to its fullest . The least you charge the more life it have.

B. Also when you shut down your notebook and store it for example at the end of working day try that it is minimally charged.

C. Also make sure that you are using the original dell or other vendor charger recommended by that vendor other wise you can blow out your battery and ruin it. Also you have to carefully read the input voltage of your charger while you are traveling to another country because some countries have different Voltage than USA/Canada for example in UK they use 220 Volts. So if you would plug in your laptop their either your charger will burn or it will harm your computer or your battery.

D. Slow charging is also getting importance although it may irritate some people that their laptop is taking too long to charge but some times fast charging can burn your battery too. Although as a ordinary laptop user you can do nothing to decrease or increase the speed of charging.

E. While purchasing a customized Dell laptop always look for a battery with more cells and Lithium Ion or LI or LIB. Also Lithium Ion batteries are light weight batteries as compared to other batteries. Also for your safety make sure Lithium-ion batteries can ignite and rupture and can explode when temperature rises too high so make sure that your laptop is well ventilated and have some space below so that its fans can exhaust the hot air out of the notebook. Other types of batteries are Potassium-ion battery, Nanowire battery

F. High Temperature is battery life killer. As explained earlier if your laptop gets too hot its battery life will degrade quickly

These were the steps you can take in order to increase and extend the life of your rechargeable batteries. But even you take all these precautions there is a life associated with rechargeable batteries. Once you lose your battery than you have to purchase it from some where. For example your battery is dead after 3-4 years of your laptop purchase. There is a good chance that the vendor have stopped the manufacture of that particular model. So you have to ask your local dell dealer or if you have have laptop of Sony or Acer on any other vendor you can ask your local dealer but there is a very good chance that their price will be high. Some times in the range of couple of hundred dollars which can obviously make you think that why are you changing your battery because after that 3-4 years you laptop might cost 3-4 hundred dollars . For dell laptop battery or any other notebook battery we recommend that you go online and look for the Laptop battery deals on websites . You have to take out the battery from your machine and read out the model number of battery because some times more than one laptop models can have same battery. So you have to look explicitly to that model no. After you are sure of the model number you can google it and then look it for online. For dell batteries or other computer battery you can also go to amazon , ebay or other relevant sites. Ebay would be better because it is a universal site and there will be sellers on there from all over the world and you can get a real good deal. For Dell Laptop battery replacement you will again have to keep in mind that there are many types of batteries even for one model like 6 cell , 9 cell . The more cells it have the more better will it be for you as they will can run your machine for a longer period of time.

For models which are really well selling in the market it is also worth giving a try to your local computer parts store and look for that particular thing there. Although it is very difficult that small store will carry the spare Dell batteries because if they dont sell the batteries within time it will die no matter if they are used or not.

Now some further suggestion are that always try to use voltage stabilizer before your AC adapter which will save you notebook AC adapter and battery or dell batteries of electric shocks. If you get car laptop battery charger for your machine it should be made by a reputable company so that it can provide a stable voltage. If you are looking for battery replacement for your Laptop always go to you local vendor first but it there is a substantial difference in price between vendor and internet vendor than it is worth trying the web. Dell Lithium batteries are lighter that other non Lithium batteries so consider LI ION batteries for dell Notebook as a laptop battery replacement because of their light weight (after all you purchased your notebook for the reason that it was light weight and portable. ).

For other Dell Laptop spare parts and cheap dell accessories or battery warehouse or whole sale you can also visit the internet. Some of names of Dell latest model nos are here

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