Windows 8 review features, release date and Cost

For those who like to keep up-to-date with the newest and greatest software releases, this is a good time for many Windows users. In fact, many different sites are providing information about the release of Windows 8 and its features. Here we are also giving you Windows 8 review and few ways in which Windows 8 is better and more advanced than Windows 7. Although if you start counting the new features which Windows 8 has implemented in it there will be a long lists of easy to use features of Windows 8. Some of the Windows 8 cool features include Windows security changes, enhancements in parental controls (i.e. family safety features), web navigation by touch, web to go and the Windows Store. Up till now Microsoft claims that Windows 8 release date will be October of 2012. As far as Windows 8 cost is concerned it will obviously be higher than previous version of windows for PCs but also for Tablet PCs. Windows 8 beta version is already available on Microsoft website and you can download it free of cost. Up-till now Windows 8 reviews from its beta version users are very positive and it is generally believed that Windows 8 performance will be much better vs Windows 7.

Windows 8 Family Safety Features

Since the advent of the Internet, many parents have complained about their children viewing sites which they should not be at and other information they should not view or read. The parents are very sensitive about their children online safety. Fortunately, Microsoft has recognized this concern of parents and has taken another step up in the parental control process in Windows 8 by adding features that will allow the parent to specify what their children can view and how long. Family Safety features of Windows 8 will be quite advanced vs other version of Windows as these features will includes specific website, games, and applications which can be blocked access or unblocked in Windows 8. Also with Family Safety features in Windows 8 in addition to restricting certain sites from their child, the parent will also receive a usage report on a regular basis. This report will be sent the parent’s inbox which they can see even while they are at work or away from home. The parent can also block unwanted software from being installed by using Window 8 Family Safety Features. So for the parents this is Welcoming news.

Windows 8 Web Navigation by Touch

Web navigation by touch is another new feature that comes with the Windows 8 operating system. This feature allows the user to move quickly through the navigation process. The Windows 8 Web Navigation by Touch feature has been designed with gesture-based navigation, pan and zoom.

Windows 8 Security Features

To prevent its users from viruses and malware, Windows 8 has made some major enhancements and improvements in the latest operating system (i.e. Windows 8 vs Windows 7). For those who have problems with viruses and malware in the past, this is a new change that will protect the system when it is installed for the first time. Windows 8 will be more secure than any other currently available version of Windows Which means, the anti-virius and malware programs come pre-installed in Windows 8. This new operating system has a recent version of Windows Defender included. In the past, windows users would have to download free versions or pay for software to protect their systems but offcourse with Windows 8 you would save the money and will not need to buy additional antivirus scanners.

Windows 8 Windows To Go

Windows To Go is another great feature Window 8, specifically for those who are always on the go or travel frequently from one part of the country to another. Windows to go feature allows each user to boot their systems up by using a USB device. To use this type of feature, however, an enterprise administrator will have to create a USB drive that contains a managed Windows image. With this image, the user can run Windows 8 on any computer that is capable of running Window 7 or Windows 8. So windows to go introduction is also a major new and good change which most people will probably like as it is very powerful.

Window 8 Windows Store

Windows store is also available in the new release of Windows 8. This store has been added in order to compete with Apple’s app store. Windows store will allow software developers to publish the apps that they have created (i.e. Metro style apps) on Windows 8 devices. This store will however also include software for other protable devices and tablet PCs. The design of the Windows store user interface can be described as interactive and intuitive, since it allows the user to navigate through the store by touch and by using the mouse or keyboard.

Windows 8 Release Date and Cost

Based on information from several sites, the Windows 8 release date is October 2012, which is approximately three years after Windows 7 was released. Also, Windows 8 versions and their costs projections are higher than all previous versions.