Recently FDA have approved immunotherapy which is a breakthrough for Cancer and advanced malignancies. Uptil now FDA only approved the immunotherapy drugs for the site where the tumor originated but now one can get these highly effective drugs after the cancer tumor is positive for mismatch repair defect. This is a very good news for the patient with rare malignancies which does not have any cure as of now.

Now even they even can be treated if they have mismatch repair defect in their genes. Immunotherapy is gaining momentum with the passage of time and now there are hundreds of clinical trials across the world testing immunotherapy drugs for Cancer going on around the world.

As of right now these new drugs are very high price and is beyond the reach of most patients if there insurance does not cover the treatment but with the passage of time this will definitely change. More and more Pharma are joining race to bring new immunotherapic drugs into the market and its now billions of dollar industry.