Some time you will see that you will find printers so cheap that you cannot imagine. The logic behind this is that the major companies sell their printers first on very nominal prices and low prices but their logic is that they want to profit from selling the cartridges because cartridge is a disposable thing and a person will keep on purchasing additional cartridges again and again and printer manufacturers will keep on profiting from this . So the best method is to refill cartridge instead of buying a new one.

The main organizations which manufactures the printers are as followes HP, Brothersoft, Cannon, Samsung, Belkin, Epson Apple, BIXOLON (24), Brother, Canon, Casio, Citizen, Citizen Systems, Craft ROBO Pro, Dell, Epson, Fargo, Global Marketing Partners, Hi-Touch Imaging, HiTi Digital Inc, HP, Kodak, Konica, Konica-Minolta, Kyocera, Lexmark, LG, MBM, Minolta, Nisca, OKI, Oki Data, Olympus, Pacific Image, Panasonic, PanDigital, Pentax, Philips, Pictorico, Planon System Solutions, Planon Systems, Polaroid, Primera Technology, QMS, Ricoh, Samsung, SiPix, Smart Shopper, Sony, Star (SS-MS), Summit, Tektronix, TRENDnet, Trendware, Xerox, Zebra .

Also a person must know how to refill cartridge if he want to avoid this hassle of filling or refilling the cartridge again and again. For example if you have a inkjet printer of from any manufacturer for example HP. So in order to refill hp cartridge for a inkjet printer you will find refilling kits from market . These hp ink cartridge refilling kits contains inks which can refill the inkjet printer cartridge 3-4 times. Once the ink is finished you can simply unplug the cartridge and drain a small hole in it , then refill the ink in it and put it back on its place.

Also the other way to find cheap inkjet cartridges is to look for cheap deals from the internet as many sites sell refurbished cartridges now . Also if you have laser printer from any manufacturer the powder can be refilled and the entire toner does not need to be replaced. This will save you tremendous cost. Also if you are a high end or frequent user of printers it is advisable that you purchase a laser printer instead of inkjet. Dot matrix printers are sort of obsolete for normal office use now as they are very slow and create a lot of noise.

There are many other problems which can come into a laser printer cartridge and it is related to many of its components. Ebay also have many sellers selling refurbished ink cartridges but there is a risk and that is if say you purchase a refurbished cartridge from a person selling on ebay but when you get it and it didnot work then you even waste your money and time. Also it is difficult to refill a color inkjet printer and color laser printer.