Antivirus Firewall

Virus is unwanted computer programs that some how comes to computer by some outside source like internet, CDs or other sources. It is the biggest threat as we are heavily depending on computers. Every days many new viruses are spread and for that purpose we have to keep our antivirus software upto date. As the virus keeps on coming so do the antivirus companies make it remedies and detects its patterns and that why almost all of them recommend updating. Antivirus Firewall is also built in feature of most antivirus software. Virus protection is very important as most of the time very sensitive data is kept on systems like your passwords and you banking information. Internet banking is becoming popular also and also online shopping and the need of removing trojan horse and trojan removal is increasing with it. Viruses have also become a big problem for various internet service providers as they also feel the pain when their clients are effected. For example if a client is effected his computer can generate spam emails and ISP’s have to block that particular user other wise the ISP keep on getting warning from the spam authorities. Antivirus removal and virus protection is important becuase there are many softwares installed on PC and if the PC is hacked all the information can go away in unwanted hands.
There have been incidents in which webservers hosting thousands of websites get hacked. So the more important data is in the system or server the more important is the need for anivirus security. Antivirus firewall remains active all of the time and keep on blocking and detecting hackers attempts to hack the system. The hackers look sometimes for open ports and control system through them.
Some time the hackers hack a site infect the site and any person coming to website get hacked and get trojan horses in thier computers. Trojan horse some times runs in the background with out the computer user ever notice it. The name of process mostly is similar to name of a system critical process so it goes . Some times they logs the keys user press. This is very dangerous as after key logging they can send all the logs to a particular email address and all your user names and passwords are gone. Key loggers keep on sitting on a computer and keep on sending what ever you type whether its a credit card , email address or its password, your banking user name and its password. Every sort of information is sent by key loggers like ssn etc.
Some virus are so dangerous that they cannot be removed if the window is booted. So in that case for virus remover to work you have to take out the hard disk, install antivirus serurity software on another computer and then check it after attaching harddrive it. This is becuase the virus can go in boot record and cannot be removed after computer boots.
For this purpose Antivirus Firewall have to be running at all times so that virus protection can be there. Many anti virus softwares have the option where you can schedule to scan you computer at some fixed time like daily or weekly etc. Also you can get some virus protection software on trial basis. Almost all of these virus protection software have their trial versions available so you get the time for deciding which one suits you. Also they have multiple versions available with the professional and corporate versions offering more safety and features to fight threats to your computer and Laptops. Antivirus programs stop inbound and outbound attacks and keeps your PC invisible from the hackers. Also if you are using wireless network antivirus softwares keep you safe sometimes from things such as packet sniffing over the network and internet threats.
We recommend that you always keep your operating system update as they keep on updating their operating systems to prevent vulnerability. Also install a well known virus removal software to make sure you are always safe in browsing and trojan horse. Virus remover software will help you trojan removal for PC security.
Now the big question comes? How to prevent virus? The first rule of thumb is that dont install the software from a company that you dont trust. Before you install anything go to web and read reviews of that software first. Also try not to go to untrusted sites. Avoid sites which opens other frames and which are full of crappy stuff.