Computer Hard Drive
Almost every person will be using computers in near Future. Even if you don’t use computer still you see people all around using using it. Computer Hard drive is an important part of a computer. Computer hard drives are also usually known as Hard disk. New Computer users always wonder about the purpose of hard disk and a question always comes into mind that What is a hard disk or what is a Computer hard drive? Below we are explaining hard disk and its purposes for people who are new to computers.

Hard disk drive is a physical thing. This means that data is physically stored in an hard disk. Hard disk has plates inside it. There is a motor in the center of hard drive. The plates are continuously rotating . The basic entity of hard disk where a hard disk stores its data is stored is called a sector. Image a every plate consists of circles starting from its middle and size of circles increased as it goes from center towards edge. Every circle will be called a track . Every track is divided into sectors. Every plate have same sort of circles and will have equal no. of sectors. If you are looking hard disk from below imagine tracks on all of the plates . These all tracks on all plates are called cylinder. Usually operating system manages hard disk by itself without the user knowing the complex data storage and retreival on back ground.
When a user wants to open a computer program the computer or operating system will read the files from disk. Thant is the reason a computer takes too much time too boot. As explained earlier the hard disk is a physical thing so when information from the hard disk have to be read the reading head has to go to that particular sector where the information is stored. Once it reach that location where the information is stored then it will read from that particular sector. Hard disk plates always keeps on revolving at a particular speed. Once the head or reader comes to a particular track it then have to wait for the revolving hard disk track to reach at a point where it can read read that particular sector where data have to be read. Due to this effect the better is RPM of a hard disk the better is the hard disk.
Hard disk RPM stands for (Revolutions per minute). More the RPM more speedy the hard disk will be and more fast the data retreival be done. For that reason you will notice that the servers which require very fast speed have speedy hard disks with more RPM.
So if you are using to purchase a Desktop computer hard disk or Laptop hard disk buy always a disk of good brand and fast RPM.
Hard disk plates are magnetic so hard disk should be handled with extreme care as it can be damaged if dropped or even with airport x-ray scanning sometimes. Also try not to move too much while you are using Laptop or computer or at least dont give it jolts. This can cause irrepairable damage to your Laptop Hard Disk or drive and your expensive and sensitive data can be lost. If some how your data is lost you have to use various software to recover it . However there is no guarantee that you will be be successfull in hard drive data recovery. Some parts of file can be recovered while other might not be recovered successfully. For some type of files even if a small part of data is lost , the hard disk data and that file becomes unusable. Moreover hard drive data recovery is an expensive thing to do if you have to take your hard disk to a specialist if you are unable to restore your data through drive data recovery software.
There are many vendors making Computer hard Drives and before deciding to purchase you have to carefully view the specifications. SATA hard disks are also fast and The SATA standard defines a data cable with seven conductors including 3 grounds plus 4 active data lines . Also it is 8 mm wide wafer connectors on each end.
Also in the future there are hard disk drives coming which will not require any physical thing like heads. This is called solid state drive (SSD). Till now solid state drives are quite expensive and are quite limited in capacity too. With the passage of time we might get solid state drives that are inexpensive and have more space for storage. Major problems with solid state drive is also that it has limited life and is ofter expired after some 1000’s of read and writes. But we may get better solid state drives in Future.