Ginger has been used as a natural remedy for many diseases from the ancient time. Now, latest researches throughout the world are finding that ginger works miraculously in the treatment of everything from cancer to migraines as it has many positive effect on Health. Ginger helps in fighting against many common health related problems like Headache, Malaria, Pain, Diabetes etc. Here are some very proven health benefits of this powerful natural herb.

1: Ginger settles the stomach and relieves all gas, and it helps and is beneficial in sore throat condition.

2: It enhances the blood circulation so Ginger may have benefits in reducing heart disease rates among people of all ages.

3: When used for digestive purpose Ginger usually optimizes digestion, so if a person is planning to take Ginger for digestive purposes then small piece of ginger before a big meal is a good and healthy advice.

4: Ginger has anti inflammatory-properties and provides great benefits in all types of pain specially the arthritis pain. As ginger gives you relief and benefit while in pain so it is used widely as a pain killer.

5: Ginger is also an effective and most used home remedy for the nausea and when human beings feel under motion sickness.

6: Ginger has anti-cancer properties and it cleans and thins the blood thus positively affecting your heart.

7: This natural herb is anti-inflammatory, good for colds and arthritis and it contains more than 12 antioxidants. Ginger also helps to control cholesterol levels in the blood and also reduces tendency towards blood clots. Having high Cholesterol is a dangerous condition and it usually leads to a Heart attack. Ginger has a positive effect on Cholesterol levels and can be used as a safety measure against Cardiovascular and heart diseases.

8: Ginger is used in Africa for killing intestinal parasites and it can also kill roundworms in the human body.

9: Studies have demonstrated and nutritionists now believe that ginger can provide and be helpful in migraine relief condition and this is due to the ability and property of Ginger to stop Prostaglandins from causing severe pain and also condition of inflammation in blood vessels.

10: In Chinese medicine there are also many uses of ginger and they specially use this herb in ginger tea in combination with brown sugar as a treatment of menstrual cramps in women.

11. People with Cancer in their family history must make sure that they include Ginger in their regular eating as Ginger posses anticancer properties and has proven to aid the process of Apoptosis in cells which are becoming abnormal and can lead to Cancer.

12 Ginger is also used as a cure and Natural remedy for controlling Diabetes in Patients.

Overall ginger not only adds flavors to the dishes but have proven to be one of best remedy for many diseases and the most interesting fact that it is available in every grocery store and it can be included in most of the dishes. The Ginger is available easily in the market in all the forms including dried Ginger, Ginger Juice and Ginger Oil. Some forms are more useful for particular condition for example Fresh ginger is more effective in toothaches, Migraine Headache and Malaria. Ginger juice is most used to the treatment of skin burns and the Juice is applied on the effected area to get relief. Some flavors of Soap and Contentions also use Ginger as a Fragrance.

Ginger can also be used  safely in pregnancy within moderate amount but still some studies have shown that Ginger can cause mild side effects in Pregnancy as it can effect sex harmonies, so if  a women is pregnant and wants to use Ginger then the Doctor needs to be consulted