China Mobile (中国移动通信) in Chinese with the subscriber base of around 600 million is probably the biggest Mobile phone provider company in China. Most of shares of China mobile is owned by the Chinese Government and so is the most of market in China. Currently China mobile uses these technologies GSM, GPRS, EDGE, TD-SCDMA, TD-HSDPA, TD-LTE. Some other mobile phone telecom companies in China are China Netcom, China Telecom, C cont., China Unicom, G’Five, Panda Electronics and some other .

Subscribers of China mobile are all around mainland China but it is specially dominated the rural markets of China as it has a huge network and is superior coverage enables it cover most part of the country which helps this company to offers its services even to the remote areas where other operators does not offer services yet.

From a tourist point of view if you are visiting China and needs to have a cell phone there with a Chinese number to be easily accessible by the people there you need to purchase the SIM. One thing here specially from a tourist to China perspective is that you have to enable international calling service if you are using China mobile. For this you have to physically go to there customer services center and give them a deposit and they will then enable International dialing service enable on you mobile or cellular phone.

The dialing Code of mainland China is 86 while for other territories 852 is for Hong Kong and 853 for Macau and 886 is for Taiwan. Smaller to mid level cities and towns in china usually have a 7 digit dialing code while the bigger cities like Shanghai, Beijing and other bigger cities usually have a 8 digit code. So check the site of China mobile before you travel to china and see if they have good offers and if you can take your GSM phone with you it will most like work their just by inserting you new China Mobile sim in your handset.

You can even find mobile phone booths at all of the major airports in China as there are lot of tourists and travelers who prefer to get a SIM immediately as soon as they land so that they can immediately be in touch by their loved ones. China mobile not only operates in China but have invested in some other countries too with other names. This has enable this mobile phone company to grow its customer based because as far as China is concerned it has already reached it maximum mobile penetration within its population and even rural Chinese have cellular phones with them.