With growing number of Web hosts now and their claims that their network up time is 100% and they are cheapest and the best web hosting companies around. Most of them would also claim that they are very reliable company and their servers are secure and virus free and a hacker will never be able to get inside their system. Most of them will also claim that they take their clients back ups on regular basis so that this backup can be provided in case the client can get it in case of data loss or a virus attack.

Their are also many types of customers like some will prefer cheap hosting or cheapest hosting. Before the hosting decision also consult various internet resources and forums like www.hostsobserver.com so that the process of host selection can be easier. Some people have websites which are very important for their business and the website is like a life line for these businesses and they cannot afford that their website is down even for 1 minute. These sort of clients would rather choose good web hosting company rather then inexpensive hosting companies. They would prefer a organization which have reliable servers with powerful processors and good data centers.

Some of the webhosts also have multiple data-centers so that they can switch the data center in case one is down. In order to make things clear imagine a place where a storm or earthquake then that places would be evacuated . So if you are hosting your website with data center in that place your data center will definitely go down. So in that case the companies with multiple data centers will be able to keep their site up even in the case of emergencies.

So your webhost must have multiple places to serve you on different geographical locations with distinct locations for example one on Ease coast and the other one on West coast . This would make hosting very safe in case of emergencies.

The thing is that if the host is providing outclass and tremendous services like multiple data center than it is a very good thing for you. Also if you are looking for Cheap Web Hosting you must do your detailed research and for this purpose you can go to the websites which give you hosting reviews. There are many of them and some of them do provide real hosting reviews too. If you are looking for Dedicated hosting then you tasks becomes quite easy because mostly the bigger companies use Dedicated hosting services in which they purchase a dedicated server .

You can call one of their client webmaster and he will give you a fair review which will be helpful to you. Also the cloud hosting is becoming popular these days and also the VPS (Virtual Private Sharing) hosting . In VPS hosting you hosting company will make multiple hosting packages in one server to give you some dedicated resources . If you are planning to take a VPS package then make sure that your host is a real good one and does not oversell its packages. For example you can ask you host VPS to server ratio.

This will give you an idea that how many VPS packages are on your server and how much dedicated computing power you will have at your disposal.

Also if you are a less serious website and you site will not be used for commercial purposes than you can also choose a Free web hosting companies. Their are some companies which do offer free hosting too.
So here are the thing in short which you should consider before you choose hosting organization
1. Host is reliable.
2. Hosting company is secure
3. Web Host provides back up and can restore it when ever you need it.
4. Web hosting is the cheapest in terms of rates and superior in terms of providing the services.
5. For personal site you can choose a free hosting company. There are plenty out there too.

This article is available in other languages . German Version Die besten Web-Hosting. Original Article was in English and it have been translated to German using computer bases tools so readers who do not understand English can also read and understand it.