Always Win Optus or Optus Always Win

Always win Optus is a prize program which is being introduced by Optus which is the second largest telecom company in Australia. Full name of this company is SingTel Optus Pty Limited. The specialty of this that when ever you purchase a prepaid card of thirty (30) dollar you will win a prize. Each time you win a prize. Optus has made a special website for this program .

The website address of this site is an Australian domain ending in .au. The website and URL providing details of this program is au ( The prizes are many and when you purchase $30 optus prepaid you end up getting 30 entries in the draw which increase your chances 30 times to get

The way is that when the optus prepaid customers will put a balance of 30 dollars prepaid in their cellular phones they will get a sms from optus in which there will be a code mentioned. This optus code they have to enter on the website mentioned above and they will be eligible to win the prize.

Optus not only provide the cellular services but this is a big organization also providing other telecommunication related services like high speed or broadband internet. Also optus provides packages for home phones and internet via satellite.

Optus has huge network in Australia and has grown significantly over the years. Other then taking mobile phone from optus you can also have dial up, Mobile broadband plans if you are a frequent traveler. If you don’t want to go into any sort of contract then you can sign up with optus month to month broadband plan. This way you can avoid any long term contract.

However if you want good cellular phones you have to either purchase your own or go into a long term contract of like 2-3 year to get latest phones like iphone 4 from optus or other phones.. Also also provide Digital TV service and you can choose package of your own choice according to your taste of TV channels.

So to cut short this always win optus or optus always win is a good program and a motivator of people who are already optus users to enter in a lucky draw . There are millions of prizes ranging from smaller ones to bigger ones like return tickets to other countries for tourism , Ipods , Iphones, About Optus Iphone 4S, and other electronic gadgets.