Optus iPhone 4S

For those of your who are looking for a latest and stylish phone there news is that Optus is offering iPhone 4S from October 14th.  Iphone 4S is a definitely good gadget you will like to get from Optus Mobile Company Australia.
Now you many wonder that if you already have a iPhone 4 then why should purchase iPhone 4s with Optus Cellular. One good reason for this is that 4S has A5 processor which is much faster than its predecessor, It has iOS 5 which apple claims is much secure, easy to operate and only have many applications built in for social media like twitter built in right into your Iphone 4S and iPhone 4S has a improved camera when we compared it to its previous phone iPhone 4G. The iphone 4 had a 5 megapixel camera while iphone4S has a 8 megapixel camera and this feature is good if you take pictures frequently. The Optus Wireless iPhone 4S will be a perfect phone for any one looking for phone, games, movies excitement and fun.

SIRI is another exceptional feature which is available on iPhone 4S. SIRI is an intelligent piece of software built into your 4S and lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings. You can also  place phone calls with SIRI. You can talk to SIRI so your iPhone will become your friend who will try to understand your instructions and will guide you. SIRI understands what you say and it knows what you mean and it will give you a reply.

The current iphone 4S package and plans Optus Mobile currently offering is $49 Optus Cap, $59 Optus Cap , $79 Optus Cap and $99 Extreme Timeless plan which is Unlimited plan from Optus Wireless. When you go with Optus Cellular Wireless you do not have to worry about the Optus iPhone price as it will be covered in you contract.

When you plan to purchase iPhone 4S with Optus you have two options. Either you can pick up your iPhone 4S from a physical location or dealer after ordering from website. The other option is that Optus will ship this device to your address. If you are planning to purchase Iphone 4S from optus online store than you must know that currently they are offering 16GB iPhone 4S Black, 16GB iPhone 4S White, 32GB iPhone 4S Black and 32GB iPhone 4S White through their website. The 64GB 4S iPhones are only available in limited quantity for a limited time and cannot be ordered online and you have to go to nearest Optus wireless store to check availability and price of iPhone 4S.
Iphone 4 vs Iphone 4S if compared side by side dimensions are almost same. Another enhancement in iPhone 4S is the standby time you get. It is more in 4S which means your battery will give you longer time before dying.  So if you are in Australia it is a good news for you that a major wireless operator Optus is offering you iPhone 4S. The Iphone 4S processor is a dual core A5 processor and Apple claims that it can deliver graphics 7 times faster  . This can be a especially amazing and cool for people using their iphones 4S for playing games and will  play games on iPhone 4S frequently. Games usually uses a lot of computational power and there fore need a powerful processor.
Visually there is not much difference in IPhone 4 from apple and iPhone 4S but still we recommend to purchase 4S because of SIRI , Fast speed, stand by time and enhanced operating system . If you don not have that much budget then you can sale your old phone for some and get this new iPhone 4S gadget. For some like students the price is still high.  Optus Australia will check your credit before they can give you iPhone 4S so when you order online Optus will you calling you back to take your personal information so every thing must be handy in order for optus to proceed with your Optus 4S order. If you are going to pick your you iPhone 4S from any store you must call them to arrange a pick up and remember when you go to pick up your iPhone you must bring your IDs for credit check.

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