14 Inch Touch Screen Ultrabook

As the topic tells you we are going to discuss some Ultrabooks available in market which have a 14 inches screen and they are touch screen. This segment of market did
not had many notebooks that fall into this category but now few Ultrabook Manufacturers have launched some models. Recently Sony, HP and Dell have launched touchscreen Ultrabooks with 14 inches screen.

As a traveler i always have this trouble that when i go for a journey i find my big 15 inch laptop too big , heavy and its battery life pathetic so always thought that i should have a laptop which can be used for normal tasks such as home and office and can be a good companion during travel and which is available for a low price so that a new one can be purchased once in a couple of years.

Personally the Sony VAIO option is the best not because of quality or any other but just single fact that Sony VAIO allows you a very customized Ultrabooks and Laptops. You can change processor , hard disk and virtually every thing by paying extra money. The price of Ultrabooks varies if you put more ram and other hardwares in your Ultrabook configuration. So lets say if i find that i need a Sony Ultrabook with more hard drive space i can easily customize my Sony Ultrabook. HP and Dell on the other hand does not offer that level of Ultra Book Customization.

The weight of Ultrabooks in 14 inches screen size is all below 4 pounds and all of them are very sleek and slim in size. I have personally reviewed each of them by going to Sony , Dell and HP website and have read some reviews given by the customer and have found out that in terms of beauty and style the Ultrabooks these Vendors are offering in 14” inch size is really worth buying and the price in the range of 700 $ to 1400 $ and depends upon the model you want.

Touch screen is a must specially after the arrival of Windows 8 and on top of that every body like ultrabook because no body likes to carry on extra weight. Sony , Dell and HP ultrabooks in 14 inch size all have more than 4 hour of battery life which is excellent.

That are the reasons that 14 inch Ultrabook with touch screen no matter what brand it is will get good reviews because people like them.