AT&T vs Comcast

Here we are having a brief look at the services (Internet Broadband services of two of the biggest giant of United States market)

Comcast is one of the biggest suppliers of cable internet in the United States, and they comfortably disposed themselves in a lot of markets where there is small to no competition. AT&T is ready to introduce u-verse in a lot of markets that Comcast has a confirmed presence in, and the competition and this competition is important from end user point of view .

Both of these service providers are very aggressive towards their customers and try to give them promotions on regular basis. Market in the United states is although very big but still there is a limit so there is a need that these two giants must look around the world for some more emerging market opportunities.

The experience of serving the clients in a proper and efficient manner is what that matters and can do or can break your relation with any supplier of services. Comcast is well established, therefore the installations should not be as difficult or that much time consuming job, and you would perhaps not need to ask for technical support of them. Comcast has a report of bad customer services for all of their services including the broadband internet and their technical support, and there is the you can find the complaints of this that can be found on the internet and blogs that people have discussed about. Since AT&T u-verse is a very young service, you can foresee AT&T to work harder to maintain customers. AT&T is still in a process of developing, installing, and increasing the u-verse, therefore you can need to take advantage service clientele of AT&T and of technical support more often as the service crosses growing pains.

Almost all business companies in all sort of business and even in this Cable business tend to furnish their services to a higher price and usually overprice service in the markets where there is very less competition.
AT&T also encourage customers that they subscribe to their cell services. They do it by giving them all sort of bundle discounts when they take package with the same company. Comcast offers the highest speeds of downloading Internet with of their Triple packets of Game, but AT&T furnishes one in a significant way bigger line of chain than Comcast in some markets.

Comcast also began to apply the cap of maximum bandwidth in some markets which is not a good thing from customers point of view especially when they are so addicted to internet and watch TV and Movies there and keep sign in on social networking sites for 24 hours seven days a week. AT&T does not strangle the u-vers, but they run the processes of cap of the bandwidth in the certain markets. AT&T will remain neutral when it is a matter to prioritize data as apposed to Comcast. AT&T recognizes as certain of their width of band their intensive services like the HD on IP and VoIP can have for result of the speeds of transmission of slower data when they are used, but they are not re prioritizing the data transmission.

None of these services out of these two are perfect, in fact nothing is perfect in this world, and they the two of them have their own flaws, but AT&T is less aggressive in the terms to handle data traffic. Since AT&T is anxious to recruit again customers, you can foresee them to work harder to keep happy customers and build relationships with them.