Rogers payasyougo (Rogers Pay as you go)

Rogers pay as you go is a service for people who want a cellular mobile phones but either have a very minor usage or for the people which are in the Country for few days. It is further divided into some categories like Rogers pay by the day for mobile, Rogers pay by the day and pay by the minute. Payasyougo service is usually expensive than the normal service but you dont have to go into any sort of contract with Rogers.

Rogers pay as you go Canada usual charges are 1 dollar a day for pay by the day package and the calling is free usually on local phones after 8:00 pm. During the day it is 30 Cents per minute. These rates keep on changing . Rogers pay by the minute plan is usually 39 cent per minute during day time and than 1 cent per minute usually after 8 pm. If you have your own mobile which is already unlocked which you bring from another country and take rogerspay as you go plan than just put your sim card in that mobile and it should work.

If it doesn’t than it is preferable to go to a local shops which sells used cellular phones as you are on a short trip to Canada and you don’t need to purchase expensive phones like blackberry and iphones and neither you want to go on contract.