Dark Chocolate Health Benefits, Nutrition , Recipes and Information

Have you ever eaten Chocolate and find out somebody mentioning to you not to eat too much chocolate as Chocolate is bad for health. Well you have good news now and that is the Dark Chocolate is not bad for health. Yes its true that doctors now say that dark chocolate is in fact good for health. By eating dark Chocolate you can keep your blood pressure under control. The dark chocolate is low in sugar because there is very less Milk and sugar added to make dark Chocolate. Usually in the normal Chocolate which is called milk Chocolate the percentage of Cocoa which is actual chocolate is quite low but percentage of cocoa in dark chocolate range from more than 50 percent to some thing like 95 percent. We have seen varieties of Chocolate available in market with Cocoa percentage more than 92 percent.

So any thing above 90 percent cocoa content is almost Sugar free dark Chocolate. There are many varieties and brands available of dark chocolate available in the market and some of the famous are French Dark Chocolate , Dove dark chocolate, Hershey’s dark chocolate, Godiva Dark Chocolate and Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate etc. This is also a very good news for people who are very diet conscious and try to reduce sugar content in their diet to minimum. Now they do not have to stop eating chocolate and can choose a Dark Chocolate with high Cocoa Content. So is dark chocolate fattening? The answer to this is no. People who are over weight can also take dark chocolate safely because what makes Normal Chocolate Fattening is its Milk and sugar and these two things are almost not there in the dark Chocolate. So next time if you are planning to give a gift to your friend you must give him a Dark Chocolate gift basket rather than Normal Milk Chocolate.

There are many recipes of Dark Chocolate since it is healthy so there is every reason to include it in your menu. You can make a dark chocolate Cake. When every you shop for any dark chocolate brand look for dark Chocolate nutrition information in the pack for its nutritional info and Cocoa content in it. You can also make dark Chocolate truffles.

Dark Chocolate has antioxidants in it. Antioxidants are very good for body and fight many diseases related to aging as it is believed to reduce the aging process. You can make other variations in your intake of Dark Chocolate like you can cover dark Chocolate with almonds or Brazil nuts or any other nuts which are healthy . As far as calories are concerned the number of calories in dark chocolate is quite low. Other varieties of dark Chocolate is Belgian Chocolate which is unique and very tasty. Swiss dark chocolate is also famous for its great taste. For cakes and other dark Chocolate recipes you can either warm the Chocolate to some make it soft and include in dishes like cakes. There is however dark chocolate syrup also available in market which can be used in making dark chocolate brownies. Other way to include dark chocolate in cakes is that you can make small pieces of dark chocolate and put these pieces in a dark chocolate cake or dark chocolate truffles.