Internet & Web Browsing Security In Hotels

All public hot spots and internet access points have one thing in common; they are all vulnerable to security threats and are less safe because they are open networks. People who stay in hotels usually have to use the shared network and therefore prune to hackers. Some hotels do offer internet via Ethernet cable in each of their room while other hotels will only offer wireless access to the internet for all guests. Internet usage via Ethernet cable is somewhat more safe than to use it on WiFi networks. Every hotel have it s own policy regarding internet and it depends how serious the management of that hotel or motel is about the internet security of the people who are staying in hotel rooms.

There are many security tips that must be followed and kept in mind to save your sensitive information and data to go into wrong hands. Giving credit card information and other sensitive information while using public unsecured networks must be avoided at all times. Some hotels which only offer wireless access will have a security code on the internet while some will have open network and are a perfect picnic spot for hackers and online information stealer. They do not encrypt data meaning that your email messages, passwords, and any other information can be accessed by hackers. This is why you need to be aware of all the wireless hot spot security options so that you can protect the data on your PC, Notebook or Laptop. The following are the tips on how to make working on free Wireless Internet in public places more secure.

1. Disable your Wi-Fi adapter

This internet security suggestion or tip is even useful when one is not travelling and is in home , even then the people may try to hack information from you wireless laptop so make sure that when you are not at home or when you are not using the internet, it is recommended that you turn off your Wi-Fi adapter to be more safe from information stealers. This is because if it is on, your computer might connect to a malicious or dangerous network without you realizing it. This internet security tip is a must when one is on vacation and staying in a hotel room.

2. Choose secure connections

It is always good to go for the secure connections if you want to protect your PC from hackers. Always opt for those wireless networks that have some kind of security like those that require network security key. This is because in the secure wireless networks the information sent are encrypted which will help protect laptop or computer from unauthorized access. For instance, it is safe to use the virtual private network instead of the public hot spots with no encryption. Also if the website that have to be accessed have a https version then that is more suitable. Some web site offer both http and https access to their visitors and https is more secure and safe protocol to use in every circumstances specially while travelling and using public wireless spots and hotel wifi.

3. Activate Firewall For Secure Web Browsing

A firewall is very important because it will protect your computer form unauthorized users. A antivirus should also be installed at all times to take care of hacking and Phishing attempts on your system. This acts as a barrier that checks all the information coming into your PC and either allows it to come through or blocks it. All the operating systems come with a firewall and all you need to do is to turn it on. There are also some anti-viruses that come with their own firewall and if this is turned on you will not need to turn on your windows firewall because it is not safe to turn on two firewalls at the same time.

4. Monitor Access points For More Security

A person might be accessing the internet where there are multiple wireless networks and this is why must have a way of making sure that they are connected to the right one. This can achieved  by configuring  laptop or PC to allow to approve an access point before it connects to the internet.

5. Disable file and printer sharing

If more security is needed while doing every day taks and internet browsing then it must be kept in mind that Printer and file sharing feature will enable other PCs on the network to access information and resources on your computer. It is recommended to disable file and printer sharing when you are using wireless internet because when it is enabled, it makes your PC vulnerable to hackers.

6. Encrypt your files

Another way to be safe on free wireless network in public places is by encrypting your files. If you do this, your files will require a password for them to be modified or to be opened. This will protect all your files from being tempered with by hackers or any unauthorized user. You can also consider removing all the sensitive files and data from your portable computer

With these simple precautions, you can enjoy working in public hot spots without any worry because your PC will be secure no matter where you are. For frequent travelers it is a good option to get a usb internet and access internet safely and securely without  any worry that their data or sensitive is at stake. The travelers must know the basic tips and keep them in mind all the times to avoid problems.