Ways and How To Boost Your Brain Memory tips

Here we are going to share some tips and ways with you that you can use at your home to boost up your memory. Broadly human memory is of two types which are short term memory and long term memory. Sort term memories are stored in different part of the brain while long term memory is in the different part of the brain. In order to store the events which your brain have to store for long term it has to know whether this thing is important or not. If the brain thinks that the event or any other thing is important it will remember it for a long term. Here we are going to share some tips with you to improve and boost your brain memory. There are many small changes that you can bring to your life if you want to enhance and boost your sort term memory and long term memory.

One very important way to improve your memory function is to remember each thing with association of the other. For example if you want to remember the name of a person you can relate this person to any other person you know whose name you would not forget. This way you will not forget the name.

Another important tip is to know that there is another type of memory called visual memory. This type of memory is commonly more easy to recall. An example of this is that you must have observed that you remember the face and feature of the person more often than his name. So if you try to remember things by there visual appearance than this can also be another way to remember things and boost your brain memory function. For example if you want to remember name of a person “xyz” you close your eyes and visualize “xyz” written . Then next time when you will try to recall his name you can recall his name visually.

Foods to improve memory

There are some foods that are famous for their quality to enhance memory in human beings. These foods are mostly the foods containing Omega 3 fatty acids. The foods good for memory boosting are nuts(especially almond), fish and flax seed. If you include foods with Omega 3 s in your daily diet you are definitely going to benefit not only in your over all health but also your memory.

Exercise to boost memory

Exercise is very important in overall health of human beings. When you do exercise you make sure that your circulation of blood in your body is becoming good. This means that oxygen is reaching well to all the cells of body including brain cells in which the information and memory is stored. This would there fore means that your memory will be boosted if you exercise on a regular basis.

Games to boost brain memory

It has been proved that the people who keep their brain and mind engaged have often better memory over the people who do not use their mind. The simple reason for this is that brain like other muscles of body is a muscle and your brain function and memory will be improved the more you use it. There have been many games to boost memory. These games include computer games and general games like chess.