Vonage vs Ooma

There are a number of VOIP service providers that are competing in the market. Some of them like Ooma, Vonage and some others are pretty good in terms of Call quality and some of them are pretty ordinary. OOma and Vonage both are well trusted names for VoIP telephony and they have many things in common and many things for both of them are different. Here we want to discuss some similarities, differences and pros and cons of Vonage and OOMA.

OoMA vs Vonage Voice Quality

Both Vonage and OoMA have excellent voice quality and mostly when the customer face problems with quality of their call its usually their own internet connection problem or mostly router problem. Both Vonage and OOMA have excellent customer service and you can call them and interact with them via forums. OOMA however is a winner if you consider price wise as it is free after investing in its hardware one time only. OoMA and Vonage are both VOIP services and they transfer the voice data over the internet. Also OOMA will have Ooma’s new HD2 VoIP handset very soon which promise to improve Voice quality further and will be highly friendly for users who want interaction between phone and social networking websites.

Calling rates of Vonage vs OOMA

Vonage has a US and Canada unlimited Calling plan for about 25 dollars per month. Other plans Vonage have if you only have to call Canada and the United States are 750 and 300 which have 750 free minutes and 300 free minutes and then few cents per minute if the subscriber exceed their minutes. These are all outgoing minutes and will be consumed when you call somebody. Vonage incoming minutes from all plans are unlimited.

OOMA when you compare it with Vonage does not have any monthly cost but its an initial investment of around 175 dollars. One have to order Ooma Telo device which costs around 175 dollars and then you can call unlimited to US and Canada with a very small negligible fees. Once you get OOMA device its easy to set it up and it will work like a home telephone once the device is configured.

International Call Rates Vonage Vs OOMA

With OoMA you can call almost every country of the world and the rates varies from country to country. You can find the OOMA Calling rate for each country on their website. OOMA also offers a 9.99 per month calling plan which include 1000 minutes every month to 61 countries around the world which is a very good deal for under 10 dollars.

Vonage on comaprison with OOMA offers a plan called Vonage World which is 25.99 per month and it one can call unlimited to 60 countries per month with this Vonage World plan and not only you have to use Vonage phone but you can extend this Vonage plan to your Mobile phone as well.

Vonage also offers an internationl plan which they call Vonage World® Mexico Sin Límites and this plan is almost like their Vonage World plan but this plan has Mexico Puerto Rico calling facility also included in it.

Another international calling plan Vonage offers is Vonage World Plus Latin America 100. This vonage plan is just around 30 dollars per month and include US, Canada and Puerto Rico unlimited. Here are some rates for example for Vonage international countries if your country is not covered. Vonage rate to call china is 1 cent per minute while its 4 cents per minute for UK. Vonage Philippines calling rates are 19 cent per minute and to Germany its 4 cent to 5 cent per minute. We have mentioned the rates just to give you the idea that if you have to call a country on frequent basis and Vonage do offer it in bundle package than its good to get it in Bundle. Some other countries which are included in 60 country plan are China, Australia, Finland, France, Chile, Brazil, India, Denmark, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Italy, Israel etc.

OOMA on the other hand have more or less about the same countries covered under OoMA 10 dollar World Wide plan.