Domain registration is the first step one would take if you want to make your own website. This is the first and most crucial and important step. There are certain challenges you can face while this step for example the domain name which you think truly represents your business is already taken by somebody else. To give example of this for example you are a business owner of a firm ABC . Your obvious preference would be that you choose WWW.ABC.COM . Most of the times it would happen that WWW.ABC.COM is already taken. In this case you can consider alternate options. Now a days there are lots of options available and many top level domains extensions are available. Some of them are .info, .net, .us etc . So you can go for this option for domain name registration. There are some sites on web which give you domain name suggestions too. You can Google “Domain name suggestions” on Google to get a list of those sites which provide these services. On most of domain register companies they have the option where you can check that if the domain name you are thinking of registering is still available or is already gone.
So the first step is to make you mind clear that which domain you want and also check its availability. However now a days because there are some companies whose core business is that they register the domains for selling not for using so even if a domain is already registered you can use who is option to check the owner of domain and make them a offer to sell you that domain name. You can google “who is” to see the websites who provide whois services. There are many so this is quite easy.
Once the domain name is final in your mind then comes the step of getting cheap domain names or getting domains names for low prices. Again there are many companies in business and you have sort of unlimited choices but our advice would be to go with a well established local company. The reason for this is that we have heard some horror stories that the somebody transferred the domain name registered by another company illegally.
In order to avoid these complications we would advice you to register it with a local company. Remember that the domain name is your property and in order to make sure that you keep control of it we advice you to get a paper invoice from the Domain registrar which shows that you have paid for registration and which also means that you are the owner of domain.
Most domain registrats offers private domain name registration . This will prevent public to see you real information from who is information. The major advantage of this is that you will be protected of spam. After domain registration come the step of domain hosting or web hosting domain. For domain hosting you need to do a research on the good and quality hosting companies. This also requires some time as there are pros and cons of hosting companies. Our recommendation that the hosting company you choose must provide 24 hours telephonic support and must be reliable hosting company. If you are expecting your site to be a big hit and it will have a huge database then you can also consider purchasing dedicated server. Alternate option can be VPS (Virtual private sharing) and Shared hosting.
Usually start up site should go for Shared hosting . Shared hosting is quite cheap and you can again find a lot of companies offering these services. You can also ask you the company who you registered the domain with , because usually companies which provide domain registration services also offer domain hosting services. Also if your site is a personal site then you can consider free web hosting too. So web hosting domains can be free to in this case.
After you get the hosting setup you can point your Name server to point to the servers mentioned by your hosting provider. You can call your website hosting company and ask them for the name servers.