IOS 8.2 Review, Performance and Reasons For Upgrade

Apple recently rolled out IOS 8.2 which according to sources offer some performance improvement over last version. Their are mixed reviews of IOS 8.2 from the people who upgraded. For the persons who already have the previous IOS versions installed on their iPhone’s there are plenty of reasons for them to upgrade to the latest IOS 8.2 version.

One reason for upgrade to IOS 8.2 is that it does address a flaw in previous version which prevents iPhone from being attacked by hackers. The IOS 8.2 also provides some performance improvements and response of phones. The upgrad can be applied to most of iPhones including  4S, 5, 5S, 5C,  6 and the Iphone 6 Plus.

Although there are many convincing reasons and positive reviews for IOS upgrade but many users have expressed their concerns about the new app that is automatically installed on iPhone after up gradation to IOS 8.2. This app does provide user to change the settings of apple watch. Some people are even looking this companion app and considers it a malware as it is a must install when somebody upgrades to IOS 8.2. So for the iPhone users who are not interested in purchasing apple watch this app may seem like a unintended install.

Other noticeable improvements the user may feel after changing their operating system to IOS 8.2 are that music and maps minor bug fixes. There was also a bug in Calendar which have now been fixed in 8.2 release. Other improvements that come with IOS latest version are improved connectivity with iPhone hearing aid devices.