what is a laser printer
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The thing very common in office is a laser printer. So you must be wondering that after all what is a laser printer and how laser printer works and you end up getting tremendous quality printing in very less time. Below we would give you a brief introduction on what is a laser printer and the basic know how of working of laser printers its types and costs.

Laser jet printers uses dry ink . Every laser jet printer has a drum which starts revolving during a printout and uses electrical charge to print out. The toner sticks to negatively charged areas of a drum. The laser will write those characters onto the drum as a negative charge. This would enable the toner particles to stick to the drum. The image will be transferred to the paper. After the printing is done the paper will come to the fusor unit. This unit produces high temperature so that the toner particles settle and merge into the paper.

You have noticed that whenever a paper jam occurs the text or image on the paper is very loose . This is because the toner particles are loose and are not heated yet to be printed or merged into the paper. Laser printers are available in a variety of types for example there is a laser printer all in one . Laser printer all in one means that this printer has printing , scanning , faxing and photocopying capabilities and can print , scan , fax and photocopy. This also means that if you get this type of printer you will not need to purchase a scanner, fax machine and scanner separately.

This would save you costly office space , device cost and over all a good experience. You would also save money as you now have only to purchase one device instead of four separate devices. Then there is a multifunction laser printer. This means that the printer in question does more than laser print. The capabilities of a multi function laser printer is that it can include scanning, faxing and photocopying.

Also laser printers are available in other types too like Color laser printers and mono laser printer. The colour laser printer are usually expensive than a mono laser printers. Also color laser printers have 4 toners which are Cyan, yellow, Magenta and Black usually refereed as CYMK. So mostly you will need to maintain four toners which can be costly .

Laser printer also have a Fusion or heating unit so it is a high consumer of electricity so the plug it has to be plugged in needs to be able to carry heavy loads. The speed of colour laser printer and mono laser printers also varies and now a days there are color laser printers available in market which can print like 100 pages in one minute. For monochrome laser printer the speed is even more and models which can print 200 pages per minute are available too.

Some laser jet printer manufacturers sell toner and drum as a same unit while some other sell these as separate units. The advantage you get if your toner and drum are separate are say your toner expire after 3000 print out but your drum doesn’t . In this case you don’t have to replace the drum also because the usual life of a drum is often more than 10,000 pages even for the cheap laser printers. You would save on laser printer on this.

Drums are pretty expensive things and are usually more than 100 dollar value. With the high price of printer supplies its a good ideas to purchase refurbished units also and to save money. Laser jets are superior now a days in a sense that Ink jet printers are too slow and their ink is too expensive and the cartridge usually ends very fast. The laser jet printer is more reliable than inkjets printer.