You might have have heard of this phrase probably thousands of times but this is true that the world is a Global Village now a days and news spread by the speed of light. If some event occurs any where in the world , within few seconds of its occurrence people on the other side of the globe know of it. Few years ago when this all so called global village thing started most of the users were using internet via a dial up method.

Dial up means that you have to connect your telephone line with a dial up modem which is connected to a PC. Then you dial a particular number which you ISP (Internet Service Provider) have provided you with. On the ISP end they have all the equipment which accepts your call and you are connected. In those days ISPs usually had internet connections via Satellites or Fiber optics etc.

As you have to use modem and telephone cable for this sort of connection there was the problem of speed. Usually dial up connections are very slow and a typical speed is like 56 K per seconds. Then became the famous ISDN and typical speeds were like 128 K . With dial ups there were frequent disconnects in the connection. Mean while the demand from the people increased competition among ISP comanies and they keep on racing for faster connections and more better connections and speeds to get better internet speed.

We than approach in this era where Broad band users are more in no. than dial up users(at least we can say it for sure in developed countries).
Most of the people in North America and Europe, Australia , Japan etc use cable internet or DSL internet . The major advantage if this is tremendous speeds like 10 Mb/Sec and plus your phone line is not busy.

So the liberty is that you can be online for 24 hours a day as your internet is no longer dependent on the phone line. In developed countries there is a lot of competition amongst Internet Service Provider companies and they offer various packages and cheap internet services to win more and more customers. This market is actually pretty lucrative so that’s why we see that the big giants companies invest in ISP services.

Also many time the ISPs also provide cable tv services and Mobile phone services and there is a good chance that if you can grab a customer that use one
of your service you can recruit that client to use more of your services by offering him bundle packages and some discounts. Broadband internet service now a days is not a luxury it is a norm now a days.

There are still places available like faraway places with no company offering their internet or broadband services there and people there use Satellite internet to get the speed they desire. Broad band internet services are also reshaping regular telephone service and people are using services like Vonage , Skype and many more which are connected via internet and you can dial all around the world at fraction of cost of regular telephone.

Here are few thing you must look before choosing or comparing your internet services provider. Look at your usage like if you are using VOIP phones you have to look for a faster Internet services provider because your voice have to go over web. They comes the issue of economy . You can compare the list of various companies which provide internet services in your area. Then you can look at their packages , bandwidth allowance per month, download speeds, upload speeds, reliability, customer support and other things before you finally do a contract with your broadband service provider.

It is advisable that you dont go in contract because these providers some times offers amazing deals and if you are already on a contract then you cannot avail the opportunity.