Things to do in Orlando, Florida

Orlando was established as city in the late 19th century and has since grown to become one of the leading tourist attractions in the United States. Orlando plays host to up to 50 million visitors every year and is only second to Las Vegas when it comes to hotel room capacities. Orlando is a top tourist attraction not only for Americans but people from all over the world and there are lot of things to do in Orlando not only for Adults but for kids , Children and for the entire family. Orlando has a myriad of attractions available to its visitors. However, a visit to Orlando will not be complete without visiting the following 3 Orlando top attraction destinations:

The Walt Disney World Orlando

Disney world in Orlando Florida is known to be the largest recreational resort in the globe and plays host to approximately 45 million tourists every year. This is in fact the most visited attraction of Florida and the first thing to do in Orlando. Walt Disney World recreational facility sprawls over 30,000 acres of land and consists of 3 water parks, 30 hotels and 4 theme parks – Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Magic Kingdom. Walt Disney World  park in Florida was initially commissioned in the 1970s with only a single theme park (the Magic Kingdom). With a hospitable and helpful staff of about 66,000 employees, this easily makes Disney World the biggest single employer in the world. Although there are much other stuff to do in Orlando but still if you are visiting Orlando your visit would be incomplete if you do not go to this amazing Orlando attraction.

Aquatica Orlando

This is a Seaworld water theme park also located in Orlando Florida.  Aquatica Orlando reviews are usually very good amongst the visitors who have visited this amazing Orlando attraction. The reason the reviews are so good is that you cannot compare Aquatica Orlando with any other park in the world because of its uniqueness. Acquatica was first established in 2008 and recorded an estimated 1 million guests in its initial year. The standout attraction of Aquatica Orlando has to be the Dolphins plunge. This is a secured tube slide that traverses through a pool of Commerson’s Dolphins. It consists of an assortment of body slides, raft slides and lazy rivers meant for tourists and visitors of Aquatica FL . Also two large areas have been specially constructed for children’s fun and activities where there is a lot of stuff to do for kids and children. The availability of restaurants in this park also means that you can access fine dining while on your rendezvous in this water park. Whether you are alone or with your family and friends, a visit to Acquatica is always bound to be a memorable engagement while your trip to Orlando. Although there are many activities that can be done in Orlando but we rate this as amongst the top fun things to do in Orlando.

Universal Orlando Resort Orlando:

This resort situated in Orlando, Florida opened its gates in 1999. Universal Orlando resort consists of two theme parks namely the Universal Studios and the Islands of Adventure. The Universal studio is a unique studio that allows its visitors to personally encounter “riding the movies.” Every year close to 5 million tourists visit the Universal Studios to catch a glimpse of the talks of the town such as the ‘Revenge of the Mummy,’ Jaws’ and ‘Twister’. If you are going to Orlando you must consider buying tickets that cover more than one Orlando attraction in a cheaper price. Some famous character’s such as SpongeBob, Popeye and Superman can also be caught ‘live’ strolling around the Universal Studios. This makes Universal studios the ideal place for children to mingle with their stars. The second theme park located within the Universal Orlando Resort is the Islands of Adventure. There are also many funny things to do here too. This theme park records close to 4.5 million tourists who marvel at what the Islands of Adventure have to offer. Once a visitor accesses its focal point, they are provided with a selection of 7 different islands. These islands have individually unique themes fit for all age groups. There are many other activities to do here in Orlando. The Park’s most recent installment was the Wizarding World of Harry Porter. This was commissioned in the year 2010 and is the last of the 7 islands. It forms the largest investment done by the universal Orlando resort ever since it was established at the very end of the 20th century.