Home Remedies On How To Prevent Wrinkles

One of the most uncomfortable things that can appear on the face are the wrinkles. The wrinkles can be caused by many factors and there are many ways tips and home based remedies which if we follow can help delay wrinkles appearing. The most common aspect is old age, where the skin becomes loose and end up forming the wrinkles. Also, stress can also cause wrinkles, especially if one frowns too much. It is important to keep calm and stress free even in difficult times as this is one of the best remedy and favor one could do to retain a good health status. When the face doesn’t receive the right treatment, it will start to develop the wrinkles. Here are some tips on how to prevent wrinkles easily;
1. Get enough sleep To Keep wrinkles away
One of the simplest home remedy for preventing the wrinkles is by getting enough sleep. When you are asleep, your body will synthesize the Human Growth Hormone, HGH. The hormone is responsible for the cell production and the induction of growth in the body. Proper sleeping is not difficult at all and one just need good planning and enough will power to practice it. Conversely, if you do not get enough sleep, your body will secrete Cortisol, which is a stress hormone. This hormone will inhibit the maintenance of the tissue and the growth. This will stress your facial skin, which will then have wrinkles. Sleep not only will help prevent wrinkles but also other problems like poor memory , diabetes and many other health related problems.

2. Using a banana mask
Another easier way to treat wrinkles at home is to use the banana mask. You can use the banana as a face mask, which will be very effective and is amongst the based home remedies out there. To do this, take a full peeled banana, then add a teaspoon of plain yogurt and orange juice. Make a paste and apply on the face, then let it stay on the face for about 20 minutes. When the 20 minutes are over, wash with warm water. The combination of the Vitamin A and B will help in getting rid of the blemishes and dark spots as well as preventing aging. On the other hand, Vitamin B will help to protect the facial skin from harsh conditions, including the UV light.

3. Egg white For Wrinkles Prevention
You can also use egg white to make a face mask, which can also be very effective remedy if used on regular basis. You will need to start by taking an egg white, then mixing with a half teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. The honey will act as an antibacterial that will fight the bacteria on the face. The egg white will help to tighten the skin and enhance the tone and the texture of the skin. At the end of treatment the skin will feel more smooth and silky and wrinkles appearance will be far less.

4. Massage the face
Massaging also plays a huge role in preventing the wrinkles from appearing. You can massage your face daily using your index finger and your middle finger. Do this with the two fingers and make tiny rotations around your eyebrows, about 20 times. You will need to apply some pressure on every temple for about 10 seconds, then the jaws as well for about 10 seconds. As you do this, tighten your teeth slightly. This wrinkle remedy can be applied at any time even when you are at office or just before going to the bed at night. This will help to make the skin tender and also relax the muscles.

5. Drink Plenty Of Water

Water is very important not just for the skin health but overall health. The skin can be dehydrated wrinkled if you are not having enough water during the day. Specially during the warm weather water consumption should be kept high as plenty of water can get lost through the pores in the skin in form of sweating. Water is a very natural remedy not just for skin health but also for over all health and well being.

These are some of the easiest ways of of preventing wrinkles. All the remedies can be done easily at home, without the need of contacting a doctor on prescriptions. Another way is to use moisturizing products, though you might want to contact a health professional to determine if the product is safe or not. If you can visit a spa for extra facial treatment, it would be better, just remember to confirm the products that they will use on your face.