MX420 Pixma Wireless Printer Reviews and Specs from Canon

The Pixma inkjet printer from Canon was introduced around the start of 2011. Canon Pixma MX420 is a wireless printer and has got cool specs as far as average home user is concerned. In general purchasing Pixma MX420 for a high printer usage office is not a good idea because like all the other inkjets the Pixma MX420 ink will finished after few hundred print outs or even lesser than that.
Canon Pixma uses WiFi technology to connect to your wireless router and the photo quality reviews of Canon Pixma MX420 are very good because it can print photo lab quality. Other specs of Cannon Pixma MX420 printer is that this is a all in one printer and can be used for photo copying , scanning and faxing as well which is sort of very good features for an individual to have. This printer has a 2.5 inches LCD screen for changing settings on All in one Pixma MX420. Another reason for which people love this printer and will give a positive review about Pixma MX420 is its really nice feature of directly printing from Memory Cards and USB drives. Other specifications of MX420 Pixma is that it can print at a rate of around 8 papers per minute if its a black and white and about 5 paper in a minute if the print out is a colored high resolution picture.