How To Keep Hair Healthy, Strong And Beautiful

Hair is made up of dead protein cells that are pushed through the hair root follicle. Its chemical structure includes keratin and other protein molecules. One must take care of hair to keep them grow and make them shiny and beautiful. Hair are a symbol of beauty not only in present times but past also. Though hair is made up of dead protein cells, the root of the hair is very much alive, absorbing nutrients and supplementing hair growth. There are many natural ways to keep hair healthy but one must know the tips of keeping hair healthy and must know which hair type they have to use the particular shampooing products best for the hair type.

Our hair is regarded as our crown of beauty. It tells us a lot about a person’s health, well-being, lifestyle and pride taken in them. Knowing exactly what hair is and its importance will enable us to better understand how to keep hair healthy. As much as we are unique, everyone’s hair reacts differently to various treatments and handling. Here are a few methods and tips that are proven to help the majority to achieve healthy hair.

1. Keep Hair Clean And Take Care Regularly
It is important to keep our hair clean for the same reason we keep our bodies clean. We want to avoid the growth of harmful germs and fungus on our body as well as look good and smell refreshingly clean. Get a good shampoo and wash your hair at least weekly. Over shampooing or using shampoo too frequently can sometimes be harmful for some types of hair.  Select a shampoo based on your hair type and conditions like dry scalp, oily scalp, dandruff and other problems. Whichever type you choose, read the ingredients and instructions carefully. Safer shampoos are those which have fewer ingredients and can be used several times each week. Trim hair ends once or twice each month after shampoo.

2. Treat And Condition Your Hair Naturally
Conditioning is the process of softening your hair and making it more manageable. It is recommended that you use a good conditioner after each shampoo to avoid breakage of hair when detangling. You can make a great conditioner by adding a cup of vinegar to a quart of warm water. Use this for your final rinse and your hair will be instantly detangled and soft. Make a hair mask of mashed avocado or mayonnaise. They are rich in good fat, protein and minerals which nourish and moisturize the hair.

3. Avoid the excessive use of hair products
Most commercial hair products are laced with chemicals, preservatives, dyes, perfume and other substances which can cause damage to hair. Avoid them and learn how to keep hair healthy by natural means. Restrict or discontinue the use of hair gels, spritz, hair sprays, dyes and bleaches. Olive oil, sandalwood oil and jojoba oil are good chemical free alternative for sheen and moisture. Freshly squeezed lemon juice is good for brightening highlights and honey mixed with alum (requires 30 minutes of sun time) is safe and perfect for streaking and lightening your hair. Remember that the natural ways of taking care of hair are the safest as there are no toxic chemicals which can make hair unhealthy and make them thin or ultimately fall off or turn them grey prematurely.

4. Less Heat Is Best For Hair
For the sake of health of hair as much as possible, avoid the use of blow dryers, curling irons and other heat styling tools. Heat dries the hair and can cause breakage over time. If you have to use these styling tools, protect your hair with a good commercial heat protecting mousse, balm or gel. These act as a shield between hair and heat including sun heat and radiation.

5. Foods Good For Health Of Hair

Eat good nutrient rich foods and avoid excess sugar and junk foods as these foods can have negative effects on the strength and beauty of hair. Supplement diet with multivitamins, fish oil and drink lots of water to keep hair healthy. Also, stress is bad for your hair so keep a calm peace of mind, relax and enjoy the beauty of life when you can. All these are how to keep hair healthy, strong and beautiful.