Investment Immigration To USA

The Unites States of America Government has a program by which if you invest one million dollar in the USA you will get the green card. This program is also called US green card through investment. The investor will get green card to USA for his or her spouse and any children under 21 years of age. Green card means that they have right to stay in the USA indefinitely and after 5 year of their stay they have the apply for USA citizenship. USA investment immigration visa has certain restrictions and laws under which it have to be made. Your investment should generate at least 10 jobs in the USA for the people who have the right to work in America. The investment have to be made in the places where the economy is not so good and jobs are scarce. It is always better to hire or take advice of an experienced lawyer because USA immigration laws are quite complex sometimes for a normal person to understand.

You can apply for business immigration USA with the help of an experienced attorney of Immigration USA to get investor green card of America. For People who have got good investments and wealthy investor immigration to USA is the fastest route to move family to USA. After five years of their physical stay in America the investors will be eligible to apply for American citizenship. Once they get US citizenship then its up to them if they want to stay in USA or move to any other country.

Investment visa to USA is also called EB-5 and once you invest in USA and start work you will be eligible to work in your own company. The EB5 visa is flexible and once a person gets it then he is free to setup any business in USA and as he has the green card also so the investor will be eligible to travel to and fro from his home country.

The US Govt. also benefits from investments made by the people applying for EB5 category visa as it reduces poverty in areas with poor economy and helps in keeping people employed. Once you become resident of the United States you are liable to be taxed on you world wide income so keep this in mind. The investment you make in USA must be kept at least for a minimum of 3 years. If a business is a multimillion dollar business say a business is 3 million dollar business than more than one person can start it and more than 1 family can get investor visa on behalf of this business as soon as each participant puts the minimum investment which is half a million of dollars.
Another advantage of EB-5 visa is that the investor does not need to have qualities like English proficiency or any other special skill.
One disadvantage is that the processing of USA investment immigration is slow and there fore it is unpredictable to tell the timings in advance . Each case will be different from the other. The visa office will follow USA immigration Laws for investor green card USA and will decide in your favor and Grant you Immigrant Visa on bases of Investment or decline the visa.

As it is clear fact that the people who will be investing half a million dollars will be quite wealthy people therefore we advice to hire services of Lawyer for Immigration to USA. The Lawyers are very well aware of immigration laws of USA as they handle cases on daily basis and are aware of in and outs and do and donts so they will assist you to get American investor visa quickly.