Who was Andreas Lubitz-The Pilot

Till now investigators think that Andreas Lubitz intentionally put the plane to dive and ultimately crash. People are curious to know who was Andreas Lubitz and what might be the reason behind this crash. Many people are questioning now and are curious that what might be the reasons behind this tragic incident. Although it is normal that a person have depression and have negative or dangerous tendencies but to make other suffer is a sad incident indeed.

According to the sources the pilot Andreas Lubitz was 28 years old and have a good flying record with many hours of flight on his record. Still the investigation of Germanwings flight is in its infant stage and more evidences will appear as the investigators dig for more evidence. According to the voice recorder data the captain went outside the cockpit for few minutes and when the plane start its death dive captain tried to get into the cabin but the door lock was lock from inside so he was unable to get inside the cockpit and regain control of the plane.

In some countries it is a practice and law that if one pilot leave the cabin a member of the aircrew staff have to be present inside the cabin.  According to the news the pilot Andreas Lubitz was completely fit to fly the plane although his mental state like depressive symptoms or other psychological problems are not known till now. Andreas Lubitz was an active person and took part in local activities like race.

We have to wait for the final news and reasons and the changes to aviation this incident might bring to the aviation can be phenomenal as pilots will be examined more closely in future for any sort of depressive symptoms.