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Honda will will be launching 2012 Honda CRV in Late 2011. According to them the 2012 will be very stylish and sleek and people espacially CRV lovers will love this car. The 2012 CRV will be a 4th generation CRV and will be a concept model. Mechanically the latest 2012 crv will be very similiar to its current 2011 model but might be a more fuel efficient and 2012 honda crv mileage will be greater then all of the previous models like CRV 2011, CRV 2010, CRV 2009 and so on. Rumors are that probably the 2012 honda CRV will have six speed gears transmission.

So as the honda had not yet released 2012 CRV so we will take you into 2011 CRV and will tell you the facilities in it in detail. The general Honda CRV reviews are good as this car is SUV but not as powerful and fuel hungry as Honda Pilot. Honda CRV is preety good at gas mileage and has positive reviews. This car also has USB Audio interface where you can hear songs recorded in USB drive. The format it supports is MP3 and WMA. This is a very good option as you dont have to purchase CDs if you copying collection of songs from your hard drive to the USB and just plug it into your honda CRV. This car from Honda is a big hit so you can get Honda CRV parts very easily from every honda or other parts dealer. Honda CRV roof rack is also of very good quality.

The honda is also expected to maintain its quality and luxury features in new Honda CRV as the peoples expectations are always high with the company. The honda crv diesel is also available although it is not best seller like the petrol one. Honda 2012 New CR-V Diesel 2012 is also due to come and this has 2.2 honda crv engine. Maintainance of Any honda and even Honda CRV is although not very cheap but its maintainance is pretty easy as you can find honda dealers all over USA and also in every country all across the world. Honda CRV is also available almost all over the world. You can also go to any honda dealer to find you Honda CRV battery or any other Honda CRV accessories. The honda CRV battery usually lasts for around 3-4 years if you buy a good brand battery. Almost all parts and accessories for honda crv are available usually with your local honda dealer . If he does not have the accessories and parts for your CRV you are looking for than you can order and he will arrange it for you in few days.

Another great featured is the Steering whell Mounted Controls. This will help you change critical setting like increasing and decreasing audio, putting your CRV to Cruise and changing channels. This setting in honda CRV will help drivers to focus and concentrate on driving rather than look at the volume controls to his left side.

The CRV from Honda has conversation mirror with subglasses Holder. Now you must be thinking what is this ? This is a mirror which Honda-CRV has and some other SUV has it too. As these car have slightly more room and people capacity so this morror give you view of children sitting on the rear seat. Then in the CRV you have a smaill screen on of of stero. This has multiple purposes . One purpose of this is that it is a GPS system built in for Honda crv. The other purpose of this is that it will show you the rear view while your car is in the reverse shift or gear. Honda CRV has more room than a standard car and this means its a 7 seater and top of that it is 4 wheel drive . So all of these qualities make honda crv excellet choice for holiday makers and for bigger families. Holiday making means you have to carry cargo with you and other items. So for this sole purpose honda crv has dual deck argo shelf to make sure that the cargo or luggage capacity you get is doubled. This is another factor and reason people have very good reviews about Honda CRV.

Honda CRV has dual zone Automatic control system , however this facility is not included in every model and only few luxury models have it. The drivers in the front seat can individually set their temperature. The other luxirious feature is the heated leather seats of honda-CRV. The people who live in colder temperatures really knows the importance of this feature. SE, EX and EX-L models of Honda CRV have 17 inch alloy wheels which looks very glamorous. The CRV has power side mirrors which can be controlled from inside the car and help full when you are parking your car on narrow streets to avoid some body accidently hitting you extended mirrors.

Honda CRV is real time 4WD which helps this car to be very fuel efficient. Usually when you are on a smooth road and which does not require 4WD mode than your car will be 2 front wheel drive to reduce the amount of fuel intake and to increase the mileage. When the traction increases at the front wheel then the power is transmitted to rear 2 wheels too which will make it 4WD in that circumstances. So a driver does not need to care about this as the Honda CRV will automatically detect and change itself to 4WD in circumstances. As already mentioned Honda CRV is very fuel efficient and in 4 wheel mode they claim the fuel efficieny is 21 mile per gallon if you are in city . If you are on highway then Honda CRV will consume less gas and its like 27 mile per gallon. Usually its 23 mile per gallon if you have a mix sort of commute. But  these will deteriote with time and in order to attain this mileage your car has to be well maintained and tuned. If you live in a country where you have miles instead of Kilometers than for your information about 1.6 kilometer is equal to one mile.

Honda CRV has a 4 cylinder engine which is quite powerful and performance of the car is very good even if you reside in a hilly or mountainous area. CRV is a 16 valve car and consumes Regular Unleaded type of gas. Honda CRV is so safe that it also has Front side airbags. In case of accident the passanger bag will only inflate if some body is sitting so the car automatically detects if there is an occupant on the seat. The braking system of honday crv is Anti Lock braking systems which is preety reliable. This is the standard braking system for all models including luxury ones.

A new Honda CRV will come with daytime running lights. Day time running lights has also proved to be a life saver in some cases specially if there is a fog and the driver forget to turn on the lights. In case of accident when this car is hit from side the passengers are quite safe as they have put beams in the side doors of CRV. The rear doors in all Honda Crvs have child safety lock. All Honda Crv cars come with a remote entry system by which you can open your car from a distance. All models of Honda CRV SUV has cruise control button on the steering wheel. Also there is a rear window defroster in all models which will prevent ice build up on the rear window.For the information on the tire pressure that you should be maintaining in your Honda CRV you must read honda CRV user manual . Details will be given in the CRV s user manual for front and rear tire presssures. If you honda CRV tire pressure is lesser than the CRV manual recommendation than your car will consume more fuel than it should be consuming. So checking tires condition of Honda Crv and maintaining pressure in tires is very important for low cosumption of fuel and also for smooth ride.

If you do not have a budget to buy a new CRV than you can buy an old one from the market. The old model like 2011, 2010 , 2009 are also very good in quality but available at significantly lower prices.

For more information of  this car search the web for the information Below. Also here is Nissan Altima 2012 Review

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