Wind Mobile is the probably the fastest growing mobile company in Canada. For the time being it only serves some big cities through out Canada. The cities it servers are Toronto, Mississauga, Scarborough, Richmond Hill and all other areas inside greater Toronto Area. The point of selling of Wind mobile right now is not its quality but its the cheap cellular phone packages it offers to its customers.

Other than Toronto Wind mobile phone company also servers Edmonton , Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Wind Phone will soon expand to other major cities. There are some pros and cons if you purchase Wind as with any other company. Major benefit is the cost which is specially welcomed by students and low income Canadians. The major drawback or cons are that Wind mobile will only work in major metros and if you just move outside the city you will be taken to roaming to other networks like rogers and roaming cost can vary but usually its 25 cents per minute which is quite a bit. If you go to the United states they you would get T-Mobile roaming which also cost about the same 25 cents per minute.

Wind Mobile also have no contract or pay as you go plans . If you take a 2 year or 3 year plan the major benefit would be that you would get a cellular phone set at a very cheap price however if you don’t want to stick with one company than wind no contract is with you . In that case you can only take the sim from wind or either purchase a cell phone set from them after paying them in full for the mobile phone. Day by day wind cellular company is expanding its coverage to other countries and increasing its signal strength in the cities where it already have a network.

The purpose of this good signal strength is that if you have a good signal strength than your phone might work in basements some times and inside shopping malls. and other places like elevators of multistory buildings. As the Wind Phone coverage is expanding day by day so it is not wise to give a map here in this article because who knows the wind mobile coverage expands in a rapid manner in next six months. Right now the prepaid cell phones wind mobile is offering are Google Nexus S, Nokia C5-04, Nokia C7, Samsung C414, Huawei U1250, Huawei U3200, Samsung Gravity 2, Nokia 5230, Huawei U8100, LG dLite, Alcatel Tribe with Android, BlackBerry BoldTM 9780, WINDspeed data stick E1691, Motorola XT720, BlackBerry Pearl 3G, WINDspeed data stick E181, BlackBerry Bold 9700, HTC Maple, BlackBerry Curve 3G, Huawei U7519.