Foods to eat for healthy bones

Bones are essential component of skeletal system of Humans and are the most important in a sense that it also necessary for movement in Human Beings. It is therefore very important to know about the foods one must take to keep the bones strong and in best of health. Calcium deficiency in food can be the cause of Osteoporosis and reduced bone density. Bones are also necessary to keep our nerves and our body and muscles intact. Although bones are of different forms in different parts of the body, but in term of nutrition all have the same requirement. There are many foods which we can include in our daily life to promote and keep our bones healthy.

For the people who can not take include these foods in their diets have to take calcium supplements. Bone structure is made of calcium rich minerals therefore calcium rich foods are their primary requirement. Vitamin D is also needed as it is helpful in absorbing calcium by our body. Calcium is the most important element and is therefore highly needed to develop and promote healthy bones throughout life.

There are also other Vitamins and Mineral like Vitamin D and Magnesium which helps to absorb the Calcium in body and these nutrients can easily be acquired as a supplement as these will help in absorption of Calcium by the body. It is recommended that 1200-1300 milligrams of calcium should be taken daily to fulfill the requirement of the body. Now the idea is to find those foods containing calcium and Vitamin along with protein.
Following are best foods although in our daily use

1: Milk &Yogurt for strong Healthy Bones
No one can deny the importance of milk in promoting healthy bones. Milk also has vitamin D and A along with protein making Milk and Yogurt a very good and strong healthy food for the bones. As an average 1 cup of milk does have about 300mg calcium. The same goes true with yogurt as it also has vitamin D and A can be taken in breakfast. One cup of yogurt has nearly 300mg of Calcium in it.

2: Calcium-fortified soy milk
Some people who are very less lactose tolerance level prefer to use soy milk. Soy Milk  also has 300mg of Calcium and is a good alternative to Cow or Goat Milk.

3: Cheese and Bone Density
Cheese is a also a highly useful source of calcium for your bones and you can also use Cheese to cook foods. There are many types of Cheese available in the markets and each Cheese variety varies in the amount of Calcium it and thus increases bone density .Grated Parmesan cheese is one type of Cheese which is very high in Calcium and have about 1400 milligram of Calcium in a cup of serving. 1400 gram of Calcium is enough to fulfill an adult requirement of Cheese for one day

3. Tofu and Bone Health
Tofu is again very useful for those having lactose intolerance problems. Tofu help promote bones health and help in increasing density of bones. Half a cup of tofu will give around 250 milligrams of calcium which will be useful for the bones.

4. Frozen yogurt
Frozen yogurt is often used in Europe with different flavors. More often different fruits are added to get different tastes and flavors. One cup of this serving has about 100mg of Calcium. Frozen yogurt taste like ice cream so children can easily be motivated to include Frozen Yogurt.

5: Broccoli for Osteoporosis
Osteoporosis have many causes but the main cause of Osteoporosis is the lack of Calcium in ones diet. Broccoli is a new entry in our common use vegetables and has been proved extremely beneficial not just for obtaining Calcium but also for overall health and wellbeing. One cup full of Broccoli have around 195 milligrams of Calcium. It is not only Broccoli which gives you Calcium in good amount but also most of green leafy vegetables have a good amount of Calcium. People who cannot take dairy must specially include green vegetables in their daily diet to combat problems related to Calcium defiency

7: Chinese cabbage and Salad leaves
One cup of these Chinese cabbage or salad along with broccoli provide you 350 mg of calcium more than one glass of milk. You may add to these others healthy leave of your flavor choice.
8: Oatmeal for Bone Density and osteoporosis

This oatmeal is usually taken in the morning in the form of cereals. They are also very beneficial in providing calcium for our daily requirements thus helping in fight against bone loss conditions like Osteoporosis and others.

All the above mentioned foods are even in our daily routine but they are rich in calcium and are greater use.