How to install Windows

Windows 7 Have been launched and Microsoft is expecting it to be a big success. However businesses and people always get concerned when they plan to upgrade their operating system. Reason is that there is alot of rework needed . For example if you have some third party software installed it might now work after installation of the new operating system.
Windows Vista is the predecessor of Windows 7. So we will guide you about how to install Windows 7, we will also guide you of the various versions of Windows 7 which Microsoft have launched so that you can choose that which version is best for you and suites you. We will also guide you of the Features of Windows 7. Also we are going to discuss different Features of Windows 7 and Features of different versions of Windows 7. Cost of Windows 7 is also a big issue for many people with tight budgets . So here are the different versions of Windows 7
a. Windows 7 Premium
b. Windows 7 Professional
c. Windows 7 Ultimate

Windows 7 Premium is basically for home users and people who use Windows at home or for light purposes.

Windows 7 Professional have extra functionality and thus is a good choice for business users . It has more options regarding data security, back up and other things like connecting to network in a secure way. So we can say that Windows 7 Professional is a good choice for home and for business users.

Windows 7 Ultimate is the most powerful version of Windows 7. It have entertainment features which are perfect for home and business users and can run Many Windows XP programs with its Windows XP mode. Also windows 7 have got powerful encryption features for your valuable data with the utility BitLocker and BitLocker-TO-Go. Also windows 7 can work in many languages and more than 35 Languages.

If you are are considering Upgrade to windows 7 64 bit from a Vista it is very easier. There is a program in Windows 7 CD . This program is called windows7 upgrade adviser and it will advice you of the upgrade strategy you should adopt. Just put the CD and follow the installation process. On a Core 2 duo with 4 MB ram it took us about an hour but there was no hinderance and it was painless. So upgrading to Windows 7 is always a good option and the main advantage you will get is that you dont have to install your programs once again and even you don’t have to do any thing . Even your old web browsers and 3rd party applications will work with this type of installation and you will get your machine upgraded to new operating system within one hour without more time being spend of wasted to install every thing from scratch. However before you do any thing make sure that you take a complete back up of your PC on a external hard drive or DVD in order to be on the safe side.

The Upgrade to Windows 7 cannot be done from Windows XP. So if you are running XP then you have to reformat your hard drive and do every thing from scratch.

On the other hand if you are prepared and have some extra time you can install windows 7 from scratch or on a newly formatted PC. This type of installation requires less time and you have less chance to face software compatibility issues or drivers issues later. So it depends how you want windows 7 to be installed on your machine and how to install windows 7 and the time and resources you have in your hands.

Here are the cost of Windows 7 difference versions.

Price of Windows 7 Home Premium $119.99
Price of Windows 7 Professional $199.99
Price of Windows 7 Ultimate $219.99

Some other reasons why you should install Windows 7 are as below
You can make and share movies and videos. Also you can do the same with slide shows in Windows 7.

There is another new feature in Windows 7 and it is called Jump list. With the help of Jump list you can access the latest things you accessed for faster access.

Also Windows 7 apprers to be bit quicker that Windows XP while using and shutting down Windows.

Windows Live Essentials is also a program included with Windows 7. Windows Live Essentials have several programs for entertainment to share photos and make messages emails and making movies etc.

Windows 7 is also claimed to be more secure especially in case of virus threats and trojan horses attacks and thus more reliable.
Also Windows 7 is compatible and it works with more software programs and support more devices. Also the installation of devices is more easier in Windows 7 as compared to previous versions of Windows. It can recognize a very broad category of devices and can determine the devices once they are hooked.

Another Featured of Windows 7 is Remote Media Streaming . With the help if Windows 7 Remote streaming you can even access and share your photos videos and other media even remotely when you are away from home.

Also it have been reported by many users and forums that windows 7 performance to run javascript is also faster and better than other versions of Windows.

Also while making previous operating systems Microsoft usually made the operating systems which usually required the latest hardware at the time the operating system was released but with Windows 7 it can run even better than the previous operating system Vista with the same hardware.

This article is available in other languages . Spanish Version Cómo instalar Windows 7. Original Article was in English and it have been translated to Spanish using computer bases tools so readers who donot understand English can also read and understand it.